The Use of Custom-Designed Cold Plates

When companies today need the most effective cooling solution for any given application, they often have a choice in the type of thermal management solution they select. Traditional cooling methods involve the use of air conditioners or air compressors to generate and make use of cold air on a consistent basis. Other, more innovative solutions utilize natural heat transfer processes instead, which allow for more efficient and cost-effective thermal management. For companies that choose more natural cooling methods, such as cold plates, there’s often the option to customize their solution to meet their application’s cooling needs even more efficiently.

The use of more natural cooling methods

Advanced thermal management systems such as cold plates are designed to facilitate electrical cooling using more efficient and natural methods than more conventional cooling systems. This begins with eliminating the need for cold air, which is what much of the energy in traditional solutions is dedicated to. Instead, more streamlined solutions like cold plates operate on the principles of transferring waste heat through the use of an eco-friendly cooling fluid. Absorbing and transferring electrical waste heat is a significantly more efficient thermal management process, and it allows for modern cooling solutions to be customized more effectively.

Utilizing cold plates to streamline cooling

The use of cold plates to facilitate a cooling fluid’s transfer of heat has been a common solution since the advent of heat exchangers. Cold plates are made from metal, which conducts heat easily to the cooling fluid that flows through their internally machined flow paths. The cooling fluid is able to absorb the heat rapidly and efficiently, and to transfer the heat away from sensitive electrical components just as rapidly. The plates can also be stacked together to enhance the unit’s thermal management capabilities, all while minimizing space and the application’s use of energy.

Enhanced performance with customized cold plates

Modern cold plates and other advanced thermal management solutions has proven a highly valuable asset to companies in virtually every industry, and the benefits they provide continue to grow. For example, in many of today’s more demanding applications, cold plates can be highly customized to ensure that they effectively meet an application’s unique operating parameters. This not only enhances the cooling system’s efficiency, but also helps companies maintain lower energy and operating costs related to their electrical thermal management systems.

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