Eco-Friendly Thermal Management Solutions

Man hand on dark background holding and touching green renewable energy battery 3D renderingAs society continues to steamroll forward toward a more efficient, technology-driven environment, the top priority continues to lend itself to higher power densities per square inch while also trending away from bulky or large devices to accomplish this goal. Indeed, the need for a solution that can produce more power, require less energy, and also benefit the environment at one time was one that pretty much could not be obtained feasibly. In today’s blog, the team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX will look at accomplishing this endeavor and how it can be done in an optimal efficient manner.

Significantly Less Energy Usage

It goes without saying that any mechanical or electrical application performing a task will produce an output – both in yield and in displaced energy. In traditional thermal solutions, the main consideration taken into account was higher power densities and achieving a higher level of production or yield. While this became easily attainable, a bigger concern began to show itself, as the environment began to suffer more and more. From the age of the industrial resolution to almost recently, minimal regard for the environment or strides toward green energy were made. Since its founding over 40 years ago, the team at Noren Thermal Solutions made the decision to approach this concern and temperature regulation with simple, highly-efficient, and environmentally-conscious products. Items such as the heat sink, heat pipes, and other products utilize only the best materials to thoroughly and efficiently transfer waste heat while paying mind to the need to produce great power while occupying a smaller space. What’s more, these solutions can do so without releasing toxic fumes or other harmful substances into the environment. For more information, contact your Noren representative today.


In addition to utilizing significantly less energy, our solutions utilize simple but highly-efficient ideas to optimize your business without causing you to break the bank. A number of technologies can be used to address unique parameters of virtually any industry, including the use of passive and active convection, phase-change technology, thermoelectric, and more. Whether you are looking to spread waste heat, transfer it, change its phase, or dissipate it, we have a variety of custom solutions that can easily and efficiently address your needs. For more information, contact our team today.

Better for the Environment

It is one thing to produce a high-functioning solution for thermal management, but it is another to be able to do so optimally, including finding eco-friendly methods. Since its founding, Noren Products has aimed to accomplish such a feat with an ever-evolving approach to best accommodate the needs of any industry, and we will continue to innovate to do so.

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