Month: December 2019

Some of the More Common Uses for Custom Thermal Solutions

Although they haven’t been in use for as long as some of the more common thermal management solutions, such as air conditioning, heat exchangers and other custom thermal solutions have become integral to many different applications. That’s partly due to their more streamlined and cost-efficient methods of transferring waste heat compared to traditional solutions, and… Read more »

Customizing Thermal Pins to Optimize Plastic Mold Cooling

Heat exchangers and their ability to transfer waste heat in highly efficient manners have helped revolutionize thermal management for most of today’s industries. In everything from electrical cabinet and enclosure cooling to wastewater treatment and more, the impacts of streamlined thermal management have been essential for companies that have remained competitive. In the plastic molding… Read more »

The Advantages of Custom Cold Plate Heat Exchangers

The realm of electrical thermal management hasn’t always been inundated with choices. Not too long ago, companies had few options for keeping their technology cooled – mainly air conditioning or air compressing units. Since heat exchangers became an acceptable alternative in most industries, the choices companies have in electrical cooling systems has become much more… Read more »