Month: July 2023

Using Passive Heat Exchange To Cool Electronics

Copper heat pipe with dissipating fins on computer motherboard

As advances in electronics and computer circuitry rapidly increase productivity, businesses must consistently upgrade their equipment. Your regular investment in your machinery helps you keep up with the competition, but it can come with additional concerns. A more powerful chipset can generate a significant amount of waste heat, and you must properly dispose of it… Read more »

A Reliable Method For Transferring Waste Heat

Equipment, cables and piping as found inside of a modern industrial power plant.

When you operate your own business, discovering areas that can greatly reduce costs is always on your mind. When it comes to managing the waste heat of your equipment, learning about the laws of thermodynamics can help you reduce your dependence on energy-intensive air conditioning technologies. Maintaining your temperatures in the proper range keeps your… Read more »

Our Heat Exchangers Help You Manage Temperatures Efficiently

It's NYC Baby!

The needs of your business are constantly evolving. To stay effective, you must adapt to changing conditions on a day-to-day basis. This can often mean expanding your production equipment and utilizing the latest technological advancements. To keep your business operating efficiently, you must plan for reasons that could cause production to slow down. One of… Read more »

Ecologically Friendly Systems For Transferring Waste Heat

Your company’s impact on the environment plays a large role in corporate citizenship. By taking the initiative to put in place practices that reduce your ecological imprint, you know that you are doing your part to operate responsibly. While some may think that environmentally friendly business practices increase costs, you can often actually enjoy benefits… Read more »

Copper Heat Sinks Handle Demanding Workloads

Close up view of copper heat sink or radiator on computer motherboard

Dissipating the heat waste of your electronic or mechanical devices is key to operating effectively. Failure to maintain the temperatures of your equipment in the appropriate range can lead to overheating, lagging, and subsequent damage. To prevent this from happening, planning a robust thermal management system will help you stay in business. By selecting a… Read more »

Heat Pipes Enjoy Efficient Dissipation

copper pipes of a private house autonomous heating system in boiler room. Plumbing services

When you understand the laws of thermodynamics, you can make informed decisions when designing the thermal management systems at your business. Across all industries, properly managing the transfer of waste heat is critical to operating without interruption. By taking advantage of phase-change technology, you can cool your equipment far more efficiently than with other heat-dissipation… Read more »

Injection Molding With Thermal Pins

Injection molding machine for plastic parts production

If your company engages in plastics manufacturing, you know how important injection molding is across many different applications. Its ability to produce a large volume of product effectively makes it an efficient method when choosing a manufacturing process. You can find injection molding across industrial, consumer, and manufacturing industries, and more. Because this method relies… Read more »

Environmental Benefit Of Thermal Management

Green business team

If you are a business owner considering the ecological imprint of your company’s operations, take a look at your current thermal management system. While some may believe that environmentally friendly practices increase your costs, you may find that installing a system that relies on passive heat transfer benefits your bottom line. This is because increasing… Read more »