Injection Molding With Thermal Pins

Injection molding machine for plastic parts production

If your company engages in plastics manufacturing, you know how important injection molding is across many different applications. Its ability to produce a large volume of product effectively makes it an efficient method when choosing a manufacturing process. You can find injection molding across industrial, consumer, and manufacturing industries, and more. Because this method relies upon consistently high pressures to inject the raw material into the mold, a product called a thermal pin provides rapid heat transfer to cool your product across the entirety of the mold. If your current thermal pins are out-of-date, you could be unevenly cooling your products below the level of quality you desire.

At Noren Thermal Solutions, we offer products and consulting services to help you manage heat transfer for almost any industrial application. In business for over 55 years, we help plastics manufacturers like you adjust their plastic mold cooling techniques to ensure optimal quality. By working with a member of our team, we can create a custom thermal pin system that helps you increase cycle times without decreasing the quality of your molds.

Significantly Higher Quality Plastics Manufacturing

Advancements in plastic mold cooling technology allow you to create higher-quality products than ever before. By consulting with our team on your design process, we can provide a custom heat transfer solution that yields consistently higher quality while producing even more products. Our thermal pins rapidly cool your materials to ensure even temperatures across the entire mold. We can take a look at your current pins and determine if an upgrade would help you deliver a better plastic product.

Work With Noren To Design Your Custom Thermal Pins

When you meet with our consulting team, we can help you increase the efficiency of your plastic molding process with a custom set of recharge cores and thermal pins. Your thermal pins allow the rapid transfer of high temperatures through miniature heat pipes placed across your mold. By rapidly reducing the heat across your materials, our thermal pin heat conductors reduce your cycle times to help increase yields. Because energy distributes more uniformly through the mold, you can enjoy lower costs per item with our custom thermal pins.

Talk To Noren Thermal Solutions About Custom Thermal Pins For Your Injection Molding Needs

To find out more about how we can help you increase your yields by reducing cycle times, call a representative from Noren Thermal Solutions at (512) 595-5700 to talk about your plastic manufacturing needs. By working with our team, we can help identify areas of your production where we can reduce costs and increase your output with a custom set of thermal pins. If your current system needs an upgrade, we can provide a product that allows you to deliver on time.