Month: August 2022

Thermal Methods Using The Peltier Effect

Electrical Conduit connected to junction box for connect electri

For the past few weeks, our main site has been going through the various industries that our products can assist in, including everything ranging from wastewater treatment to Power to even Food & Beverage packaging. Meanwhile, on our CTS end, we have begun discussing the methods to the process, if you will, as well as… Read more »

Looking At Phase-Change Cooling

Graphics card with connectors of a different output interfaces and equipped with heat sink without fan on a light background

It goes without saying that there are several different ways to get to a single conclusion or result. This notion is true for a variety of circumstances, including finding solutions for optimal thermal management. Indeed, application cooling can occur as a result of passive or active convective heat transfer, thermoelectric means, and even through the… Read more »

Forced Cooling Through Convective Transfer

Oil cooled high voltage transformer used in electric industrial applications

In our most recent blog post, we took a look at the way convective heat transfer utilizes passive cooling methods in order to provide adequate temperature regulation within an industrial application. Although passive methods can certainly streamline a company’s technological capabilities, it is important to note that not all applications can benefit optimally from such… Read more »

Have You Heard Of Passive Heat Transfer?

Liquid or layer density experiment using 3 separate layers consi

Recently, we have been exploring the many stages of the thermal solution design process. Thus far, we have looked at the role of customization in the design phase, why we prototype prior to manufacturing, the emphasis we place on collaborative engineering, and how we oversee this entire manufacturing process from start to finish. In addition… Read more »

Rapid Prototyping For Higher Quality

3D printing machine during work process

In our previous blog post, we discussed the manufacturing process with our team, and how it ensures oversight from start to finish. While many people may opt to outsource certain stages of the process, we believe that quality solutions are the result of consistent and dependable care throughout every stage. This includes design conceptualization all… Read more »

Ensuring Consistency Through Manufacturing

African American factory worker working with adept robotic arm in a workshop . Industry robot programming software for automated manufacturing technology .

By now, you are likely familiar with the need for enhanced thermal management capabilities in order to keep your technological applications up and running. While many companies offer one-size-fits-all solutions that are designed to fit into your devices, the truth of the matter is that you cannot possibly receive optimal cooling capabilities if your specific… Read more »

Considering Eco-Friendly Cooling

Green tree on earth for ecology friendly concept and World environment and sustainable development concept, vector illustration

One of the primary goals our company has placed an emphasis on for over fifty years in business is the goal to achieve greener business. Indeed, reducing your environmental footprint and adopting eco-friendly practices does not have to mean you are sacrificing your work’s quality, and we strongly believe there is a balance between the… Read more »

Functions Of Collaborative Engineering

Gears and cogs mechanism. Industrial machine, engine. Close-up macro. 3D illustration

Advances in technology have made it possible to streamline many practices we were not able to before. Indeed, being able to produce exponentially greater yields at an even higher rate of quality and efficiency is what fuels the competitive market, as many companies compete for that top position in the ranks. While technological advancement may… Read more »

Why It’s Cost-Effective To Customize

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By now you are likely familiar with the need for top-of-the-line applications to perform various industry tasks. In the not-so-distant past, industries relied heavily on their workers to put in significant manual labor in order to get the job done. Nowadays, technological advancement has been able to help us streamline capabilities with the help of… Read more »