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Manage Thermal Conditions With Custom Phase Change Cooling

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Your electrical enclosures do much of the heavy lifting for your business, whether you know it or not. While they might seem like simple closets, they help protect your vital wiring and components from serious harms such as moisture and corrosion. Since they can also trap heat, it is important to find a way to… Read more »

Heat Pipes Bring Your Business Efficient Thermal Exchange

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Your business requires maintenance to keep up the investment, and heat can start to play a significant role in how much you need to spend to keep everything operational. When you need to protect your equipment, make sure that you are doing so through the latest in thermal management technology. You need efficient thermal exchange,… Read more »

Thermal Management Through Phase-Change Cooling

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If you are in charge of equipment selection at your company, you understand that pursuing efficiency while maintaining a high safety standard can be a balancing act. Without cutting corners, you want to reduce costs while at the same time ensuring that your employees can count on your protection. If you install a piece of… Read more »

Lowering Costs With Custom Phase-Change Cooling

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When you are in charge of making planning decisions at your company, you understand that protecting your equipment begins before purchases are even made. If designing a new application that generates significant heat waste, you may perform analyses of the costs required to cool such machinery. By exploring your options for passive forms of thermal… Read more »

Saving On Energy Bills With Passive Heat Exchangers

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If you own or operate your own business, you are always looking for areas to become more efficient. When it comes to managing the waste heat that your equipment produces, traditional air conditioning can lead to skyrocketing energy bills when temperatures rise. By understanding how phase change technologies work, you can manage these temperatures with… Read more »

Cost Effective Thermal Management With Passive Exchange

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By taking advantage of phase change technology, you can enjoy cost savings when designing a thermal management system. The laws of thermodynamics dictate that waste heat can transfer between liquid and gaseous states to travel safely away from your sensitive equipment. This means that designing a set of heat pipes can replace an energy-intensive traditional… Read more »

Reducing Energy Bills With Passive Heat Exchangers

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When you understand the laws of thermodynamics, you can implement a thermal management system that transfers your waste heat without wildly increasing your energy costs. By switching from a traditional active air conditioning system to one that relies on passive heat exchange, you can keep temperatures in the same ranges without variable increases in electrical… Read more »

The Versatile Benefits Of Heat Pipes

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Understanding how the laws of thermodynamics operate provides huge practical benefits when it comes to controlling temperatures at your business. When you take advantage of phase-change technology, you can more efficiently cool your equipment with far less energy than other methods, such as air conditioning systems. Because keeping your equipment within specific temperature ranges is… Read more »

Thermal Transfer With Phase Change Tech

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When you need to regulate high temperatures within your equipment, using the laws of thermodynamics can help you move heat more efficiently. By understanding the change between liquid and gas, you can redirect waste heat away from your machines without requiring an energy-intensive air conditioning system. If you would like to improve your bottom line… Read more »

Exploring The Ways We Use Heat Pipes

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By taking advantage of the change in phases between liquid and gas, you can enjoy a cost-effective manner of transferring heat away from your equipment. When it comes to maintaining the safety of your application, a proper thermal transfer is critical to staying in production. Phase change technology allows you to direct heat in gaseous… Read more »