Month: December 2022

Custom Cold Plates And Heat Sink Solutions

Heat Sink Noren

For many industrial applications, heat sinks and cold plates are efficient means of transporting thermal waste from sensitive areas. The first is often seen in technological processes. You may see these transfer sinks in home computers, where a certain area contains a fan to push away unwanted heat. A cold plate is a flat piece… Read more »

Keep Your Tech Safe From Heat Wear

Tech Noren

If your production involves technological machinery to complete your industrial process, heat concerns can become an issue. The additional wear can start to break down your equipment and make these items more likely to experience damage or system failure. These processes can also operate at less than peak efficiency due to overheating and extra stress…. Read more »

Custom Design For Your Application

Production Noren

For industry-leading heat transfer systems, Noren Thermal Solutions has provided quality products and care for over fifty years. Through all the ups and downs of the last half-century, our efficient systems bring you a technological edge in the management of your operation. Our sophisticated systems can be tailored to suit your specific industrial needs. We… Read more »

Thermal Solutions In Hazardous Locations

Beams Noren

The transfer of heat in order to keep your operation running smoothly can be tricky even in the most controlled of environments. For certain industries, the area may be significantly more difficult to manage. For instance, with ruggedized oil and gas products, the environment may actively be working against your goals. When life decides not… Read more »

Differences In Active And Passive Cooling

Oven interior with forced draft fan and lighting.

It is one thing to recognize the need for streamlined thermal management capabilities, but it is something completely different to pursue appropriate methods that can help you achieve your goals in an optimal manner. Indeed, our team works with you from the very beginning to not only identify your unique needs, but offer solutions that… Read more »

High-Performance Material Processing Options

work surface of automobile injection metal mold production from manufacture by high precision and quality cnc machining center material made from steel

In our most recent blog post, our team discussed the different instances that could benefit from thermoelectric thermal management, as well as how thermoelectric cooling provides effective cooling capabilities for a wide range of applications. Indeed, getting the most from your technological applications is a top priority, and failing to consider the possibility of overheating… Read more »

When To Use Thermoelectric Cooling

Control of torpedo tubes on a submarine - Selective focus

Being able to keep your industrial applications up and running for extended periods of time is essential for your field of work, and nothing is worse than having to be set back due to overheating. Indeed, overheating is the number one threat to applications across industries, requiring the assistance of a thermal management solution to… Read more »

Utilizing Phase-Change Methods

vapor steam rising over black background, wide photo

Thermal management helps you prevent your industrial-grade applications from overheating, a phenomenon that every company utilizing technological applications must endure. Indeed, overheating is the number one cause of system failures, shutdowns, damage, and more. Though there are several different approaches you can take to optimize your application cooling capabilities, not all of them keep your… Read more »

Providing Eco-Friendly Thermal Management

Concept depicting new possibilities for the development of ecological battery technologies and green energy storage in the form of a battery-shaped pond located in a lush forest. 3d rendering.

The ability to get the most from your technological applications is something you may feel like you are entitled to after purchasing a state-of-the-art industrial application. Though this should be a given, the truth of the matter is that there are several aspects of your working environment and other elements that contribute to the sub-optimal… Read more »