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Custom Cold Plates And Heat Sink Solutions

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For many industrial applications, heat sinks and cold plates are efficient means of transporting thermal waste from sensitive areas. The first is often seen in technological processes. You may see these transfer sinks in home computers, where a certain area contains a fan to push away unwanted heat. A cold plate is a flat piece… Read more »

Customized Liquid Cold Plates

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When you run a company that relies on your essential technologies working as expected, you need to have faith in its capabilities. This means that everything needs to run as it should and there are minimal errors within the systems and structures you have in place. A common problem for those in high-output industries is… Read more »

Effective Cooling In Tight Spaces

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Not every industrial setup is ideal for effective thermal management, especially when it is designed to utilize only a base-level product. Indeed, your applications and equipment help elevate your capabilities but bear in mind that it is important to be aware of your equipment’s needs in order to ensure it can operate to its full… Read more »

Dependability With Liquid Cold Plates

Cold rolling department in ferrous metallurgy factory with hardware under roof and forming rolls.

It goes without saying that your thermal management capabilities depend largely on your unique needs and parameters. What’s more? Your physical location, environment, and even purpose of business all play a role in determining which thermal solution is right for you. While many companies tout the ability to provide rapid application cooling, failing to consider… Read more »

The Science Behind Cold Plate Cooling

Macro shot of a modern desktop motherboard with a heatsink mounted on the CPU on the socket LGA.

When it comes to helping you get the most out of your technological applications, there are a number of considerations to keep in mind. First, the purpose of your equipment plays a major role in its function and therefore its maintenance, meaning you must understand the ins and outs of your machines in order to… Read more »

High-Performance Cold Plate Solutions

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It can be difficult to find an appropriate method for optimizing your thermal management capabilities. After all, each industry contains specific needs and goals, and each business within each industry has even more specific parameters yet. This can make getting the most out of your technology challenging, as there might not be a definitive notion… Read more »

Managing Temperatures With Liquid Cold Plates

When it comes to highly-optimal function and output, a custom solution is very important. This means more than just specifically tailoring one aspect of a product to meet a need, but having the capability to meet any need with optimal versatility. Indeed, a number of technologies can be utilized to accomplish this very task, but… Read more »

What it Means to Regulate Temperature with a Cold Plate

As technology continues to advance and innovate, engineers are producing applications and machines that can produce a high output of power while maintaining a relatively small surface area. What’s more, today’s high-performance electrical and technological applications could only have been made possible due to innovative thermal management techniques such as custom cold plates. At Noren… Read more »

The Use of Custom-Designed Cold Plates

When companies today need the most effective cooling solution for any given application, they often have a choice in the type of thermal management solution they select. Traditional cooling methods involve the use of air conditioners or air compressors to generate and make use of cold air on a consistent basis. Other, more innovative solutions… Read more »

Using Custom Cold Plates to Enhance Electrical Cooling

Just several decades ago, companies in various industries didn’t have a lot of choice when it came to their electrical thermal management solutions. The only viable way to prevent electrical enclosures from overheating was to utilize air conditioning or air compression solutions to circulate consistent streams of cold air through the enclosures. Today, however, companies… Read more »