Category: Custom Cold Plates

Customizing Cold Plates for Maximum Cooling Efficiency

One of the most notable differences in modern electrical cooling compared to more traditional methods is the range of choices that companies now have in their electrical cooling solutions. With the advent of more streamlined heat transfer solutions, such as heat exchangers, the process of keeping electrical enclosures cool has become much more efficient, cost-effective,… Read more »

Cooling Solutions Based on Custom Cold Plates

Many of today’s most effective technological solutions are also those that are highly customized to meet specific applications’ needs. This is especially true when it comes to electrical thermal management, as modern applications often have unique operating parameters that can be impacted differently by the efficiency of electrical cooling. To help ensure optimal customization and… Read more »

Custom Cold Plates as Advanced Electrical Cooling Solutions

Modern companies are always in search of ways to optimize their technological solutions and enhance their overall productivity. Therefore, it’s no surprise that companies these days continue to find increasingly more beneficial uses for advanced technologies, such as efficient and eco-friendly electrical cooling solutions. For example, while heat exchangers and similar solutions have been popular… Read more »

A Close Look at Custom Cold Plate Thermal Solutions

The good thing about modern heat exchangers and other innovative thermal solutions is the fact that they can meet a growing need for more advanced thermal management solutions with equal efficiency. Part of that advantage stems from the fact that the more streamlined methods such solutions utilize for managing waste heat make them some of… Read more »

The Advantages of Custom Cold Plate Heat Exchangers

The realm of electrical thermal management hasn’t always been inundated with choices. Not too long ago, companies had few options for keeping their technology cooled – mainly air conditioning or air compressing units. Since heat exchangers became an acceptable alternative in most industries, the choices companies have in electrical cooling systems has become much more… Read more »