Month: September 2020

Customized Phase-Change Cooling for Advanced Applications

With the prominence of advanced technology in most modern companies’ operations, it’s important for them to utilize the most effective thermal management solutions to meet those applications’ electrical cooling needs. While some companies may expect this to mean more complex and complicated thermal management equipment, increasingly more companies are finding that the most efficient solutions… Read more »

Creating Custom Thermal Solutions for Hazardous Locations

Streamlining the processes that companies rely on to cool their electrical enclosures has had a significant impact on most industries. The high-performance, ambient and below-ambient cooling that modern solutions provide are able to effectively and efficiently replace older, more cumbersome air conditioning and air compressing solutions in most types of applications. However, in industries where… Read more »

Benefits of Custom-Designed Thermal Management Techniques

For modern companies with advanced electrical thermal management needs, some of the most effective solutions are those that are custom-designed to specifically meet a given application’s cooling needs. This wasn’t always a feasible process, as most conventional electrical cooling solutions relied on processes that were difficult or impossible to streamline or make more efficient. Today,… Read more »

Custom Thermal Solutions for Plastic Molding

Advanced electrical cooling solutions have often had larger impacts on companies’ operations than they initially expected. The purpose of implementing more advanced solutions, such as heat exchangers, is to streamline the process of cooling electrical enclosures by eliminating the reliance on solutions like air conditioners and air compressors. However, the methods that modern cooling solutions… Read more »

Customizing Cold Plates for Maximum Cooling Efficiency

One of the most notable differences in modern electrical cooling compared to more traditional methods is the range of choices that companies now have in their electrical cooling solutions. With the advent of more streamlined heat transfer solutions, such as heat exchangers, the process of keeping electrical enclosures cool has become much more efficient, cost-effective,… Read more »

Can Custom Heat Pipes Really Improve Performance?

While heat exchangers have provided advanced electrical cooling for companies in various forms for decades, some solutions have proven more effective for the more common electrical cooling concerns that companies often have. For example, one of the earliest forms of modern heat exchangers included the use of highly efficient heat pipes, which are designed to… Read more »

A Look at the Importance of Custom Thermal Management

A company’s electrical thermal management capabilities have played increasingly larger roles in its overall efficiency and productivity over the years. Because of this, companies have increasingly relied on solutions that offer more streamlined electrical cooling capabilities, as well as high-performance thermal management operations. As the need for more advanced and precise thermal management has continued… Read more »

What Makes Custom Thermal Solutions More Efficient?

In most industries, the advancement of technology has led to a race among companies to implement the most efficient and productive technologies and processes. In most areas, the goal of boosting efficiency isn’t difficult to achieve. However, it’s been more challenging in the realm of electrical thermal management than it has been in other areas…. Read more »

Turning Phase-Change Cooling into Custom Thermal Solutions

When many forms of technology advance, the processes that power them can become more complex. For example, creating faster and more powerful technological solutions has often involved the creation of faster and more efficient processing technologies within them. When it comes to electrical cooling technologies, however, complexity isn’t the key to advancement. On the contrary,… Read more »