Month: February 2021

Creating NEMA-Compliant Thermal Management Solutions

It is one thing to create and manufacture a product intended to more easily cool overheating electrical enclosures and other popular applications, but it is a completely different concept to do so in a manner that adheres to industry-wide standards. In today’s blog, the team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX will take a… Read more »

Cooling Applications With Passive/Active Technology

Today’s market sees an increase in demand for highly-optimized machinery and equipment to ensure efficient yield and provision of service in a wide range of industries. Indeed, new-age technology makes so many processes easier and more convenient. To continue to perform at such a rate, however, significant thought must go into the maintenance and accessories… Read more »

How Collaboration Leads To Better Custom Cooling Solutions

Thermal solutions do more than just protect the equipment you depend on. With the right technology, and the right approach to thermal management, you can keep your operation running efficiently and find eco-friendly measures for managing heat buildup. Noren Thermal Solutions has supported companies in a broad range of industries find the right ways to… Read more »

Efficient Thermal Management In Hazardous Locations

For some industries, operations have to proceed even in hazardous conditions. For example, oil and gas manufacturers need to know that their equipment can withstand exposure to harsher environments. Noren Thermal Solutions provides the technology and tools needed to keep machinery and electronics running even in hazardous locations. If you need to maintain operations in… Read more »

Managing Temperatures With Liquid Cold Plates

When it comes to highly-optimal function and output, a custom solution is very important. This means more than just specifically tailoring one aspect of a product to meet a need, but having the capability to meet any need with optimal versatility. Indeed, a number of technologies can be utilized to accomplish this very task, but… Read more »

Advanced Solutions for Plastic Mold Cooling

When it comes to the plastic molding industry, the need for a highly-efficient, custom thermal solution is very prevalent. Indeed, yield times matter in the highly competitive field, and the molds and machinery used are very specific. What’s more, material processing could stand to benefit from the advance, higher-performance management options that Noren has to… Read more »

How Thermal Pins Optimize Your Applications

Variety is king when it comes to addressing temperature regulation needs, which means being prepared to address parameters in a number of environments and circumstances is necessary. Indeed, a “one-size-fits-all” approach is a thing of the past as technologies advance and industries continue to grow. The fact of the matter is that the market continues… Read more »

Temperature Regulation With Heat Pipes

The key to providing optimal thermal management techniques for a wide range of industries is accepting that you should take a step back from the “one-size-fits-all” approach, and look through a lens that identifies the unique needs of a specific industry. What’s more, utilizing a team of constructive engineers that can collaborate between our teams… Read more »