Month: May 2020

How Custom Thermal Solutions Improve Productivity

Creating methods and processes that improve productivity and efficiency has always been an important strategy in most companies’ quests to become more competitive. Many of those methods and techniques involve the implementation of more advanced and powerful technologies, which can help significantly boost production and business management when implemented properly. However, with this implementation has… Read more »

How to Customize Thermal Solutions for More Rugged Uses

The role of electrical thermal management can have a few key differences in different industries. This is due to the nature of how these industries utilize advanced technologies, and what their solutions require in terms of efficient and reliable electrical cooling. However, in applications where technology is utilized outdoors and in rough conditions rather than… Read more »

How to Enhance Plastic Mold Cooling with Thermal Pins

While thermal management may have some significance in every industry, companies in the plastic molding industry rely on it for more than just effectively cooling electrical enclosures. Plastic molding companies rely on high-performance heat transfer solutions to rapidly remove heat from fresh molds, a process that’s been perfected by various heat exchanger and other advanced… Read more »

Advanced Ways to Transfer Heat in Custom Thermal Solutions

With the many different advantages to advanced, custom thermal solutions, it can often be surprising to realize these advantages stem from simpler and more natural processes. For instance, traditional electrical cooling methods used to involve the use of chilled air to keep electrical enclosures cooled. However, instead of making it more efficient to use chilled… Read more »

Important Elements of Custom Thermal Management

The ability to customize various types of technology has been an important aspect of how many companies have improved their overall operations. This is especially true when it comes to the realm of electrical thermal management, where many factors have traditionally made customization difficult and costly. Today, however, simpler heat transfer methods and more streamlined… Read more »

How Companies Save Costs with Custom Thermal Solutions

When companies in most industries invest in new technologies and business processes, the aim is typically to boost productivity and efficiency while tightly managing or reducing overall operating costs. While thermal management solutions don’t always get as much attention as other areas of investment, advancements in the field have proven essential to many companies’ efforts… Read more »

The Benefit of Transferring Heat in Custom Thermal Solutions

Thermal management hasn’t always been a popular area of innovation for companies in most industries. Traditionally, thermal management for electrical applications relied mostly on solutions such as air conditioning and air compressing, which were designed to create and use chilled air to prevent electrical overheating. Such solutions were effective in meeting that goal, but companies… Read more »

Phase-Change Cooling Solutions for Advanced Applications

As thermal management technologies and techniques have evolved over the decades, more companies have taken advantage of high-performance passive cooling solutions for some of the more advanced applications. In many instances, the use of methods such as phase-change cooling has proven one of the most advantageous types of custom thermal solutions. By enhancing companies’ electrical… Read more »