Month: March 2020

Customizing Heat Pipe Assemblies for Advanced Cooling

For companies that rely on technology for most of their operations, the efficiency of that technology is essential to their ability to remain competitive. Because thermal management is a vital aspect of any technology’s efficiency, many companies have long benefited from the use of advanced heat pipe heat exchangers. Unlike more traditional cooling solutions, like… Read more »

Things Custom Thermal Solutions Can Do Better

Depending on a given electrical application’s specific operating parameters, some types of electrical cooling solutions work better than others at meeting those needs. However, for increasingly more applications, the best cooling solutions are custom thermal solutions designed specifically for each application’s needs. There are many factors in the difference that custom thermal solutions make, from… Read more »

Why Heat Transfer Solutions Are Easier to Customize

Of the several different electrical cooling methods that have arisen over the years, some provide significant advantages over others depending on the given application’s specific needs. Those advantages have traditionally included dramatically reduced needs for energy to power cooling solutions, and cooling equipment that can operate consistently without needing frequent maintenance or repairs. As technologies… Read more »

Customizing Thermal Solutions for Hazardous Locations

Within many industries, the greatest challenges to streamlining electrical thermal management has been obstacles such as the costs of upgrading equipment, which are greatly offset by the cost and energy savings they enjoy afterward. The minimal cost, maximum benefit equation has made it easy for companies in most industries to enjoy more advanced, customized thermal… Read more »