Things Custom Thermal Solutions Can Do Better

Depending on a given electrical application’s specific operating parameters, some types of electrical cooling solutions work better than others at meeting those needs. However, for increasingly more applications, the best cooling solutions are custom thermal solutions designed specifically for each application’s needs. There are many factors in the difference that custom thermal solutions make, from their more advanced methods of transferring waste heat to their easily maintainable and scalable efficiencies. For companies that utilize them, custom thermal solutions can provide much better, more streamlined, and more efficient electrical cooling capabilities.

Stretching energy resources further

One of the most impactful differences between older thermal management solutions and more modern, customizable ones is their ability to make more efficient use of the energy they’re provided. For instance, older cooling solutions required sufficient energy for multiple processes – mainly, generating chilled air and then circulating it throughout multiple electrical enclosures, both on a continuous basis. However, more advanced thermal management solutions often approach electrical cooling differently. They don’t utilize chilled air to prevent electrical overheating, but rather focus on keeping the electrical waste heat from ever accumulating. The process of transferring heat can be accomplished with the help of an eco-friendly cooling fluid and a custom-designed unit through which it can flow easily.

Cooling electrical enclosures consistently

The reduced need for energy that defines many custom thermal solutions is a benefit unto itself, but it also leads to several other important advantages for companies in many different industries. For example, as companies utilize more advanced technologies for a greater number of their routine processes, their electrical cooling capabilities must be able to keep up with consistent use. Because custom solutions are designed to run more efficiently, and often with less energy, they can consistently and continuously cool enclosures for longer periods of time without needing maintenance or repairs. This benefit can have a direct impact on a company’s overall productivity and, consequently, their ability to remain competitive.

Keeping up with technological advancement

In addition to consistent electrical cooling, the ability to keep up with the advancements of technology is also a key aspect of most companies’ ability to remain competitive in their markets. While this advancement has taken on many forms, one of the most consistent focuses has been on making technologies smaller, more powerful, and more efficient. The traditionally cumbersome nature of older electrical cooling methods can make it difficult to rely on them for more powerful applications. However, as more custom solutions utilize high-performance heat transfer methods, they’ve more than adequately kept up with the higher demands of innovative technologies, while still keeping overall energy and maintenance costs low.

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