Month: September 2023

Managing Temperatures With The Help Of Heat Sinks

Taylor, TX, Heat Sinks

It would be difficult to imagine a modern business operating without the aid of sophisticated computer equipment these days. Even the simplest of processes are performed with the aid of computing power. If you own your own company, you know that protecting your investments in your chipsets is key to staying online. This means that… Read more »

A Green Approach To Your Thermal Management

Taylor, TX, Thermal Management

When making decisions about the operation of your business, you know that you have a responsibility to the community you operate within. When it comes to environmental stewardship, practices that enhance the health of your surroundings improve your stance as a corporate citizen. This means that choosing technologies that complement nature rather than pollute can… Read more »

Saving On Energy Bills With Passive Heat Exchangers

Taylor, TX, Heat Pipes

If you own or operate your own business, you are always looking for areas to become more efficient. When it comes to managing the waste heat that your equipment produces, traditional air conditioning can lead to skyrocketing energy bills when temperatures rise. By understanding how phase change technologies work, you can manage these temperatures with… Read more »

Heat Pipes Help Transfer Your Thermal Waste

Taylor, TX, Heat Pipes

When you operate equipment that produces high amounts of heat waste, properly safely disposing of your temperatures is critical to safety and efficiency. When you do not foresee areas of your production that are sensitive to abrupt changes in the temperature of the surrounding air, overheating can cause your business to halt operations. Not only… Read more »

Safely Storing Waste Heat With Heat Sinks

Metallic heatsink close up: hardware and computer electronics

If you own your own company that relies upon sophisticated electronics, you know they can overheat. But with the proper planning, you can anticipate the need for cooling and store it in a safer location. By placing custom copper heat sinks next to your equipment, we can help absorb the waste heat that comes from… Read more »

Managing Waste Heat Sustainably

Managing Waste Heat Sustainably

If you own or operate a business, you understand the day-to-day decisions you make have a direct impact on the environment and community you work within. Because your employees and customers are generally located near your business, pursuing responsible environmental practices is key to contributing to their health and well-being. When you examine the areas… Read more »

Cost Effective Thermal Management With Passive Exchange

Working together on project. Two young business colleagues working on computer

By taking advantage of phase change technology, you can enjoy cost savings when designing a thermal management system. The laws of thermodynamics dictate that waste heat can transfer between liquid and gaseous states to travel safely away from your sensitive equipment. This means that designing a set of heat pipes can replace an energy-intensive traditional… Read more »

Managing Waste Heat With A Closed Loop System

boiler room

If you own your own business that generates a significant amount of waste heat, you understand managing your temperatures is of utmost importance. Failure to properly plan for the dispersal of heat can lead to dangerous situations that threaten your labor force and cause work stoppages. When fire hazards await, you could come under regulatory… Read more »