Heat Pipes Help Transfer Your Thermal Waste

Taylor, TX, Heat PipesWhen you operate equipment that produces high amounts of heat waste, properly safely disposing of your temperatures is critical to safety and efficiency. When you do not foresee areas of your production that are sensitive to abrupt changes in the temperature of the surrounding air, overheating can cause your business to halt operations. Not only does this cost your bottom line, but the safety of your workforce comes into question as well. By planning, you can install thermal management systems that achieve your temperature goals. Because this may not be your area of expertise, consult with the team at Noren to get the job done. We can inspect your current systems or help plan the design of one from the bottom up. To save costs, we can design a closed-loop system that transfers waste heat without requiring outside energy inputs. This helps you cool your equipment in the same manner as traditional air conditioning without exorbitant scaling costs.

At Noren Thermal Solutions, we have over 55 years of experience helping businesses like yours plan for the safe dispersal of heat waste in your factories. Working together, we create custom designs that keep your business operating around the clock without worry of overheating. We combine our consulting services with an array of cooling products to make our plans a reality. To learn more about your options for transferring excess heat, speak to one of our representatives today!

Lowering Energy Demands With A Custom Heat Pipe Assembly

By installing a custom set of heat pipes, we can replace a traditional air conditioning system to unlock desirable savings. Like your air conditioning unit at home, traditional A/C can skyrocket your energy demand when temperatures begin to rise. But with a custom heat pipe assembly, their closed-loop technology transfers excess heat without additional energy requirements.

Each pipe contains a liquid that absorbs energy by being placed next to your equipment. As the liquid turns to gas, it travels away, dispersing temperatures until cooling back to liquid. As the liquid travels to the beginning point, the cycle restarts.

Protecting The Environment

Heat pipe assemblies provide an ecologically friendly thermal management solution. This is because they contain no toxic chemicals or other materials that would negatively affect your local water table. Enjoy a smaller carbon footprint by reducing your reliance on outside energy for powering your thermal management system.

Talk To Us About Designing A Custom Heat Pipe Assembly To Handle Your Waste Heat

Closed-loop technology allows you to manage your excess temperatures without increasing your energy bills. To find out more about this technology or any other that we offer, give us a call at Noren Thermal Solutions at (512) 595-5700.