Managing Waste Heat With A Closed Loop System

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If you own your own business that generates a significant amount of waste heat, you understand managing your temperatures is of utmost importance. Failure to properly plan for the dispersal of heat can lead to dangerous situations that threaten your labor force and cause work stoppages. When fire hazards await, you could come under regulatory scrutiny that incurs costly penalties as well. To prevent the harm these situations cause your bottom line, and to protect your employees, talk to a team of experts about reviewing your thermal management systems. We can discuss cost-effective solutions for offloading your waste heat using a closed-loop system that requires no outside energy source. With a custom set of heat pipes, we can absorb your excess energy to send it safely to another location. By boiling a liquid within the pipe, the liquid turns into a gas that then reverts to liquid to begin the cycle all over again.

At Noren Thermal Solutions, we have been helping companies like yours manage their waste heat for over half a century. By inspecting your industrial applications, we can plan for overheating conditions that would otherwise bring your operation to a halt. We can help you explore alternatives to active cooling technologies that help you bring energy costs down with a passive system. Whether you are expanding your current building, or creating an entire new factory, we can help you manage your heat most effectively.

Reducing Your Energy Costs With A Set Of Heat Pipes

Switching from a traditional air conditioning rig to a set of heat pipes helps you keep your temperatures in a specific range without boosting your energy bill. Enjoy instant savings by taking advantaged of our closed-loop technology. This means transferring your waste heat without the need for an outside energy source. By placing a set of heat pipes close to the source of your waste heat, we absorb energy into a liquid contained within the pipe. As this liquid turns to gas, it travels upwards, away from the source until it begins to cool. The liquid then travels back to the source, closing the loop.

An Environmentally Friendly Option

When you invest in passive cooling technology, you can enjoy a more environmentally responsible waste heat management system. Removing the need for outside energy greatly reduces your carbon footprint. We carefully design each set of pipes to contain no toxic chemicals or pollutants that would otherwise harm your water table. The liquid that goes into our pipes is completely safe.

Speak With Us About Designing A Custom Heat Pipe Assembly To Transfer Waste Heat

We are dedicated to helping you manage your waste heat so you can focus on the areas of your business that you know best. To find out more about this technology or any other that we offer, give us a call at Noren Thermal Solutions at (512) 595-5700.