Relying On Heat Pipes For Thermal Management

copper heat pipe

When you operate a large business with any degree of industrial applications, you know that managing your heat waste is integral to staying in production. This means that any condition that causes a machine to overheat can have negative effects that ripple throughout your workforce. Not only can overheating hurt your bottom line, but fire hazards can create unsafe work environments that put your workforce at risk. To protect your employees, and keep production efficient, consider a technology that reduces your energy consumption. Heat pipes are a passive heat exchange technology that transfers thermal energy in a closed loop system. By placing a pipe near your application, a liquid within absorbs excess energy to transfer it safely away by turning it into a gas. As the gas cools, the liquid returns to its original location, allowing the process to begin again without any expensive outside heating source. This alternative to traditional air conditioning systems can scale with the size of your business, allowing you to expand while saving greatly.

At Noren Thermal Solutions, we have been doing business for over 55 years helping companies like yours anticipate and plan for conditions that stall their business. Because active heat exchange technology can become rather expensive as you increase your waste heat production, our focus on passive systems can be rather desirable. If you are planning an expansion of a current factory or would like to design a system from the ground up, we have you covered.

A System To Take On Your Energy Bill

When you make the switch to using heat pipes for maintaining your temperatures, you enjoy energy savings right away. This passive technology is known as a “closed loop system”, meaning that the absorption and transfer of heat are all done without any outside energy requirements. A liquid inside your pipe takes on excess heat to turn into gas. We design the pipes in such a way that the gas rises away from the sensitive equipment. As it gets further away, it begins to cool, which begins the process at the starting point. Compare this treatment to any current active technology you rely on and enjoy the savings!

Protecting Your Water Table

At Noren, we ensure that our products contain no toxic chemicals or pollutants when selecting the liquid that goes in our heat pipes. This means that you should not worry about affecting the community members that live and work near your plant.

Talk To Us About Designing A Custom Heat Pipe Assembly To Transfer Waste Heat

Our approach to thermal management prioritizes efficiency while providing the highest quality products we can. To learn more about this technology or any other that we offer, give us a call at Noren Thermal Solutions at (512) 595-5700.