Month: April 2020

Cooling Solutions Based on Custom Cold Plates

Many of today’s most effective technological solutions are also those that are highly customized to meet specific applications’ needs. This is especially true when it comes to electrical thermal management, as modern applications often have unique operating parameters that can be impacted differently by the efficiency of electrical cooling. To help ensure optimal customization and… Read more »

A Look at the Value of Custom Heat Pipe Solutions

The total value of any advanced electrical thermal management solution goes beyond the specific cooling operations that it’s responsible for. For example, the more efficiently a solution handles the thermal management needs of an application, the lower the impact it will have on the company’s overhead costs, downtime, employee productivity, and more. Because of this,… Read more »

A Few Questions About Custom Thermal Solutions

Companies in various industries didn’t always have a wealth of choices when it came to cooling their electrical enclosures and other forms of technology. Traditionally, the only way to achieve consistent cooling on an industrial scale was to utilize solutions like air conditioning or air compressing units, which could provide consistent chilled air to prevent… Read more »

Understanding the Advantages of Custom Thermal Solutions

Electrical thermal management technologies may have been a little slower to advance compared to other forms of technology. As it has advanced, however, the various methods companies to use to cool their electrical enclosures have become exponentially more advanced and efficient than traditional cooling solutions. This advancement is even more notable in thermal management solutions… Read more »

Why Many Custom Thermal Solutions Rely on Transferring Heat

The constant advancement of technology has been a disruptive force in every industry for decades. In most areas, that disruption has been a significant advantage for companies, especially in the realm of electrical thermal management. While many forms of technology are specific to the industries of the companies that use them, those that revolve around… Read more »

Using Phase-Change Technology to Customize Thermal Solutions

Modern thermal solutions, especially those that are designed to meet the needs of specific applications, can utilize a wider variety of thermal management methods than ever before. Where companies were often limited to air conditioning or air compression technologies to keep their electrical control panels and other enclosures from overheating, they now have several more… Read more »

How Companies Take Advantage of Custom Thermal Solutions

The various technologies that companies use to boost their efficiencies and stay competitive are often a combination of different technological advances. For example, in most industrial applications that utilize any form of technology, one of the most important considerations is the state of their electrical cooling systems. The more efficient and reliable their cooling systems,… Read more »

Using Custom Thermal Pins for Plastic Mold Cooling

In most industries, the process of thermal management can have very similar meanings. For example, most companies rely on the concept as the basis of their electrical cooling processes, which are essential for keeping their technological solutions running smoothly. The right thermal management solution and its ability to prevent systems from overheating can directly impact… Read more »

Custom Cold Plates as Advanced Electrical Cooling Solutions

Modern companies are always in search of ways to optimize their technological solutions and enhance their overall productivity. Therefore, it’s no surprise that companies these days continue to find increasingly more beneficial uses for advanced technologies, such as efficient and eco-friendly electrical cooling solutions. For example, while heat exchangers and similar solutions have been popular… Read more »