Understanding the Advantages of Custom Thermal Solutions

Electrical thermal management technologies may have been a little slower to advance compared to other forms of technology. As it has advanced, however, the various methods companies to use to cool their electrical enclosures have become exponentially more advanced and efficient than traditional cooling solutions. This advancement is even more notable in thermal management solutions that are custom-designed to meet companies’ unique cooling solutions. In addition to providing more advanced thermal management methods, custom thermal solutions also help significantly improve the efficiency of the applications they cool by optimizing their overall operations.

How custom solutions approach thermal management

The advancement of electrical thermal management techniques has created several options for companies to implement electrical cooling solutions. Traditionally, those options were limited to solutions like air conditioning and air compression. Both solutions keep electrical enclosures cool by generating chilled air to combat the waste heat that electrical components generate. However, they also require excessive amounts of energy to operate continuously, and the machinery associated with each solution can be complicated to maintain consistently. By contrast, many of the more advanced and customized thermal solutions companies use approach thermal management by transferring the heat using more management methods and eco-friendly cooling fluids.

How the process is more efficient

There are several reasons why custom thermal solutions often utilize principles of transferring waste heat rather than more traditional methods of using chilled air. The simpler form of transferring heat is more efficient in its reduced need for energy, and in the use of cooling designs that don’t involve the use of complicated machinery. Using less energy is not only cost-effective, but also helps boost the reliability of the cooling solutions and their ability to consistently cool electrical equipment. By utilizing simpler, easier-to-manage cooling units, such as heat pipes or cold plates, custom thermal solutions are also easier to be adapted to an increasingly wider range of electrical applications.

How customized solutions are more eco-friendly

Efficiency and productivity are two highly important aspects of improved thermal management, but in modern applications, they’re matched by the importance of creating more eco-friendly processes. The need to lower their environmental footprints has been an important drive in modern companies’ technological innovation, and with the help of custom thermal solutions, meeting that need has been much easier for most companies. The reduced need for energy is one factor in their eco-friendliness, as is their use of environmentally friendly cooling fluids such as water. For more information about understanding the advantages of custom thermal solutions, call Noren Custom Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX, at 866-936-6736.