Month: August 2020

Advanced Uses for Customized Thermal Management

Custom thermal management solutions haven’t always been an easily attainable for solutions for companies to employ. In more traditional electrical cooling settings, common thermal management apparatus (such as air conditioners and air compressors) didn’t allow for cost-effective or efficient customization. In their conventional forms, these solutions also proved costly to maintain and operate on an… Read more »

Plastic Mold Cooling with Customized Thermal Pins

The advancement of thermal management hasn’t always been fueled by the same needs in every industry. While nearly all industries rely on efficient thermal management processes as part of their overall electrical cooling systems, others have more extensive needs for efficient and reliable cooling solutions. For example, in the plastic molding industry, rapid, high-performance cooling… Read more »

Custom Solutions Based on Natural Thermal Management

The methods that traditional electrical cooling solutions utilized to prevent electrical overheating weren’t always considered efficient or eco-friendly. In many cases, these solutions involved the use of air conditioning or air compression units to generate enough chilled air to match an application’s emission of electrical waste heat. While the use of cold air can be… Read more »

Using More Efficient Methods to Custom-Design Thermal Solutions

There are often several challenges to customizing any form of technology to accomplish a specific goal. Of those challenges, working around the specific methods that technology uses to accomplish those goals can often be the most difficult to overcome. For example, when it comes to customizing thermal management solutions, one of the biggest concerns has… Read more »

Customizing Below-Ambient Cooling Solutions

Customizing various electrical cooling solutions has proven a significant advantage to companies in various industries. Yet, for many such applications, the cooling methods they utilize are designed to create continuous ambient cooling cycles. While this is more than adequate for most modern technological applications, there are many applications that require the greater capabilities of below-ambient… Read more »

Custom Thermal Solutions for Manufacturing and Other Industries

Electrical thermal management has been an essential function in most industries for several decades. In the manufacturing realm, for instance, thermal management has become increasingly more important as companies invest in more advanced manufacturing technologies. The ability to implement faster and more powerful technological solutions while also helping companies control and lower their operational costs… Read more »

Understanding the Value of Custom Thermal Management

One of the greatest innovations in electrical thermal management was the advent of efficient heat transfer techniques, such as phase-change cooling, as viable solutions for electrical cooling. This helped companies eliminate the need for older electrical cooling processes, such as air conditioning, and the high costs that were often associated with them. It also made… Read more »

The Cost-Effectiveness of Customizing Thermal Solutions

As thermal management has continued to evolve and adapt to different industries’ needs, more advanced electrical cooling systems have continued to keep thermal management cost-effective for most companies. Before the advent of more streamlined and efficient heat transfer techniques, the thermal solutions companies relied on typically operated on the principles of generating and circulating cold… Read more »