Understanding the Value of Custom Thermal Management

One of the greatest innovations in electrical thermal management was the advent of efficient heat transfer techniques, such as phase-change cooling, as viable solutions for electrical cooling. This helped companies eliminate the need for older electrical cooling processes, such as air conditioning, and the high costs that were often associated with them. It also made it possible for companies to benefit on a larger scale from the customization of advanced thermal management solutions. More efficient methods of transferring waste heat not only make electrical cooling more cost-efficient, but they’re also easier to contain in custom-designed cooling units and manipulated to achieve highly specific thermal management results.

Why transferring waste heat is more efficient

The innovation of more natural heat transfer techniques has largely been the basis of the growth of custom thermal solutions. The key is the ease with which transferring waste heat can achieve high-performance cooling for most modern applications. The process involves utilizing an eco-friendly cooling fluid, such as water, and taking advantage of its latent heat of vaporization. When the liquid absorbs enough heat to evaporate, it transfer the heat it has absorbed away from sensitive electrical components before there’s any notable rise in temperature within the enclosure. Once it dissipates the heat safely and condenses back to liquid, the fluid can continue repeating the process in a tightly controlled, custom-designed loop.

Why customization improves productivity

The ability to maintain high-performance electrical cooling for most applications without the need to create and circulate cold air makes modern, custom thermal solutions more efficient by default. However, when customized to meet a given application’s specific thermal management demands, modern cooling solutions are able to achieve even higher levels of efficiency and provide more reliable thermal management. For example, modern heat transfer units can be custom-designed as cold plates with unique flow paths machined into them, or custom heat pipes that bend, lie flat, and fit into unique spaces within smaller, sleeker application designs.

Why companies benefit further from custom solutions

Customizing a modern thermal management solution enhances its electrical cooling capabilities when applied to an electrical control panel or other enclosure. Yet, the capabilities of custom thermal solutions have opened the door for companies to take advantage of more than just efficient electrical cooling. In some applications, such as wastewater treatment processes, the use of custom thermal solutions can help companies lower overall costs by making it possible to use electrical waste heat as a supplement to the energy needed for the process. For more information about the value of customizing thermal management solutions, call Noren Custom Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX, at 866-936-6736.