Month: January 2020

How Companies Benefit from High-Performance Heat Pipes

For companies that utilize modern custom heat exchangers, heat pipes are often their heat exchanger of choice. As one of the most efficient electrical thermal management solutions, custom heat pipes have proved reliable in a wide range of applications. These days, the ability to customize them (and most other types of heat exchangers) have made… Read more »

Common Questions About Custom Thermal Management

Over the last few decades, transferring electrical waste heat has become one of the more common ways for companies to maintain their electrical cooling needs. The more natural and streamlined processes of electrical thermal management have paved the way for companies in every industry to institute more advanced cooling process. Also, on a broader scale,… Read more »

Important Advantages that Come with Custom Thermal Solutions

When technology relies on custom thermal solutions to accomplish its necessary cooling processes, the advantages to the application’s efficiency and productivity are significant compared to those provided by more traditional solutions. Made to fit the unique, high-performance needs of some of the most advanced applications, custom thermal solutions can help ensure any application performs optimally… Read more »

The Efficiency of Custom Heat Transfer Solutions

In the last few decades, nearly every industry has been transformed by the advancement of technology. Some have seen greater disruption than others, and in several industries, technology has come to define their very directions. While technological advancement may look different in some industries than it does in others, there are many aspects that are… Read more »

The Value of Customized Phase-Change Cooling Solutions

Given the highly advanced state of today’s technological solutions, it’s natural for companies to expect the most complex thermal management solutions to be the most appropriate ones. However, as increasingly more companies are realizing, modern thermal management’s advancement has followed the trend of simplified, natural cooling methods over more complicated mechanical alternatives. For example, many… Read more »