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The Difference Between Passive And Active Transfer

passive active thermal exchange

When it comes to thermal exchange, there are two distinct methods of moving heat. Both of these are helpful in protecting your equipment, but one may be more suitable for your needs than the other. So what, exactly, is the difference, and how do you make the decision between each of them? At Noren Thermal… Read more »

Differences In Active And Passive Cooling

Oven interior with forced draft fan and lighting.

It is one thing to recognize the need for streamlined thermal management capabilities, but it is something completely different to pursue appropriate methods that can help you achieve your goals in an optimal manner. Indeed, our team works with you from the very beginning to not only identify your unique needs, but offer solutions that… Read more »

What To Know About Convection Cooling

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The methods behind your thermal management capabilities are essential in helping you get the most from your technological applications. Indeed, advances in technology have made it possible to streamline your industry’s capabilities in a manner that offers cost-savings and greater yields, but it would be foolish to rely on these devices as they are to… Read more »

Forced Cooling Through Convective Transfer

Oil cooled high voltage transformer used in electric industrial applications

In our most recent blog post, we took a look at the way convective heat transfer utilizes passive cooling methods in order to provide adequate temperature regulation within an industrial application. Although passive methods can certainly streamline a company’s technological capabilities, it is important to note that not all applications can benefit optimally from such… Read more »

Have You Heard Of Passive Heat Transfer?

Liquid or layer density experiment using 3 separate layers consi

Recently, we have been exploring the many stages of the thermal solution design process. Thus far, we have looked at the role of customization in the design phase, why we prototype prior to manufacturing, the emphasis we place on collaborative engineering, and how we oversee this entire manufacturing process from start to finish. In addition… Read more »

Getting The Most From Forced Air Cooling


In our previous blog, our team did a deep-dive into the various solutions we offer that utilize passive cooling or natural convection. Indeed, we do not subscribe to the notion that one must sacrifice quality for sustainability or vice versa, and as such, we have made it our mission to provide eco-friendly heat exchangers and… Read more »

Thermal Solutions For Passive Cooling

Personal computer new part heating radiator cooler thermostat made from aluminum metal.

Our most recent blog discusses the importance of sustainable cooling methods when caring for your industrial applications, and how thermoelectric methods can help. Although there are different parameters surrounding machines in different industries, our team is dedicated to helping you find the ideal solution that optimizes your capabilities, while also taking care to provide sustainable… Read more »

Effective Cooling With Passive Methods

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Custom thermal solutions such as ruggedized electronics, hazloc considerations, and various other products are available to meet the overheating needs of countless applications. Indeed, it can be rather difficult to determine exactly which of the myriad solutions will help you get the most from your industrial-grade technological applications, and no one-size-fits-all option will fulfill these… Read more »

Utilizing Passive And Active Cooling

Fan cooling system of computer's CPU which is installed on the m

It goes without saying that there are often numerous ways to accomplish a task. While some situations may boil down to the basics of a correct way and an incorrect way, most others may be accomplished in several different manners. It is this notion that drives the competitive market, as many thermal solutions out there… Read more »

Benefits From Active Cooling Capabilities

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In a world where production is king and the majority of businesses depend heavily on equipment that streamlines productivity, the last thing any business owner needs to endure includes the troubles of breaking down technology. Indeed, it would be foolish to believe that our machines will continue to function without paying mind to their needs,… Read more »