Month: December 2020

A Look at Passive and Active Electronic Cooling

As the basis for all of our products, eco-friendly thermal management concepts come in a variety of types, utilizing different mechanics to accomplish the same goal – application temperature regulation with green energy. A few weeks back, we discussed how we utilize phase-change cooling to transfer heat more rapidly while also doing so more efficiently…. Read more »

Custom Solutions for Hazardous Locations

Being able to provide efficient yield, even in hazardous locations, is a vital necessity of many industries. In particular, the Oil & Gas industry must take extra care to ensure all aspects of their rigs are working and functioning properly so as to avoid potentially catastrophic events such as major oil spills and more. To… Read more »

Faster Plastic Mold Cooling with Thermal Pins

When working in an industry where rapid heat transfer is not only necessary for successful production but overall function as well, it is imperative to have custom solutions that address unique needs. What’s more, certain technologies cannot make do with just any heat pipe or cold plate, and require specific applications that are used to… Read more »

Transferring Heat More Effectively with Thermal Heat Pipes

Just as human beings need to cool down after extensive time in the heat or after an intensive workout or run, technology needs a method of cooling itself as well, otherwise, it will overheat and, ultimately, lead to malfunction or break down. In the wake of a booming technological surge, a trend has presented itself… Read more »

What it Means to Regulate Temperature with a Cold Plate

As technology continues to advance and innovate, engineers are producing applications and machines that can produce a high output of power while maintaining a relatively small surface area. What’s more, today’s high-performance electrical and technological applications could only have been made possible due to innovative thermal management techniques such as custom cold plates. At Noren… Read more »

An In-Depth Look at Phase-Change Cooling

If you work daily with large equipment and technology, chances are you understand the vitality of having a thermal solution to transfer heat waste. As machines and appliances work to perform their given goal, energy inside the mechanism is generated and produced, and if that energy (heat) is not removed, it can cause significant difficulties… Read more »

Using Custom Heat Pipes to Optimize Your Business

As technology has advanced over the years, many industries are having to innovate to keep up. Nowadays, companies rely heavily on technology and machines that can perform large tasks in a quick and efficient manner. While this has streamlined production, it has also caused problems when these machines break down or are unable to function… Read more »

Customizing Your Thermoelectric Solutions

In traditional thermal management settings, businesses would have to utilize air conditioners and colling units when attempting to keep their machines and technology functional without overheating. Indeed, ensuring technologies were not only functioning at their peak capacity but ensuring that they did not break down for technical purposes requires a great deal of time, effort,… Read more »

Utilizing Custom Heat Sinks for Cooling

It is no surprise that large industries producing products, goods, or other services require strategic planning and management, especially when considering how to get from point A to point B. Every aspect is an important one to consider, including productivity, efficiency, and everything in-between. Utilizing equipment and large machines that can accomplish a task in… Read more »