Faster Plastic Mold Cooling with Thermal Pins

Drawing thermal paste on the computer processor. Installing a cooling system on a CPU processorWhen working in an industry where rapid heat transfer is not only necessary for successful production but overall function as well, it is imperative to have custom solutions that address unique needs. What’s more, certain technologies cannot make do with just any heat pipe or cold plate, and require specific applications that are used to regulate temperature more efficiently than others. At Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX, our simple yet innovative Thermal Pin design is advantageous for OEM production applications and maintenance retrofits, and our team is here to explain how they can aid in faster plastic mold cooling.

Rapid Heat Transfer

The process of molding refers to a method of manufacturing that involves shaping liquid or a malleable material using a frame or matrix. In order to utilize the material most efficiently, heat must be applied followed by rapid cooling to produce the desired item. In other words, the need to transfer energy at a rapid rate is essential for productivity. In the past, this has been accomplished with extensive add-ons or functions that not only were bad for the environment, but could only accomplish this task in a costly manner. Because of this, customized solutions were considered for giving companies the capability of rapidly transferring this energy at a much lesser cost.

A Thermal Pin is a specialized pipe that is customized to fit into most common cores, whether for injection, extrusion, rotational, and even blow molding equipment. They are one thousand times more conductive than copper, and displace large volumes of energy away from sources of heat. For more information, contact our team today.


Not only can each pin be custom-created to address a variety of cores, but they offer versatility to meet your unique needs. In other words, we can convert your core into a Thermal Pin heat conductor, or you can simply insert the Thermal Pin in the core itself. By utilizing this innovative accessory, you are not only able to increase cycle times by reducing heat much more quickly and efficiently, but you are also able to increase yields.

Four Main Functions

We understand that with most technology, a one-size-fits-all approach simply cannot suffice, as now more than ever applications are being created with unique functions in mind. Because of this, we create solutions for a variety of core sizes. For smaller ones, for instance, solutions enable cooling in areas previously inaccessible to water methods. Solutions are created for a variety of mold needs, including injection, blow molding, extrusion, and rotational. Learn more today by contacting out team.

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