Custom Solutions for Hazardous Locations

pump jack oil fieldBeing able to provide efficient yield, even in hazardous locations, is a vital necessity of many industries. In particular, the Oil & Gas industry must take extra care to ensure all aspects of their rigs are working and functioning properly so as to avoid potentially catastrophic events such as major oil spills and more. To ensure this is the case, only a custom application that can withstand these harsh conditions is the only type that will suffice. Fortunately, the team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX understands this need and create innovative designs that not only withstand these hazardous conditions, but actually optimize the work being done.

Oil & Gas Industry

The Oil & Gas industry consists of exploring, extracting, transporting, and refining raw resources and materials to produce the large quantities of energy consumed by most people on a world-wide scale. Because of its worth and the extreme conditions and difficulty associated with extracting it, there is a very large, dependent demand for the resource. With that taken into account, saying that the method for doing so is the most optimal is an understatement.

In industries and businesses such as this, thermal management among other aspects of operations are often complicated or compromised by the often hazardous conditions. For technological applications and their cooling solutions to work as intended, they must be designed to withstand these extremes, as they will be constantly exposed to them.

The Role of Collaborative Engineering

To effectively produce a thermal solution that can not only withstand harsh conditions but do so efficiently and optimize production, input from several areas is needed. This means utilizing a collaborative team of engineers, thermal managers, and manufacturers to work with your busines to find that custom result. We design appropriate solutions that satisfy the unique parameters of your applications, ensuring precision and quality accessories. From the moment of idea conception, to design, to prototyping and finally manufacturing, you will play an active role in every step of the way, ensuring nothing but the most satisfactory method that address your unique needs. For more information on the process, contact our team today.

Unique Solutions for your Thermal Concerns

To help different businesses and companies streamline their efficiency and safety when it comes to thermal management, our team will work with you and custom-design answers that are UL certified for ATEX as well as IECEx class enclosures, and thus allowing them to operate in hazardous locations under extreme conditions for durations of time. We do not believe in a “one-size-fits-all” capacity, especially in industries where the margin for error can be potentially detrimental, which is why each of our solutions is custom-tailored to meet unique needs.

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