Customizing Below-Ambient Cooling Solutions

Customizing various electrical cooling solutions has proven a significant advantage to companies in various industries. Yet, for many such applications, the cooling methods they utilize are designed to create continuous ambient cooling cycles. While this is more than adequate for most modern technological applications, there are many applications that require the greater capabilities of below-ambient cooling. Utilizing similar natural and efficient heat transfer methods, today’s custom thermal solutions can also be designed specifically to achieve below-ambient cooling capabilities with minimal energy and optimal efficiency.

The need for below-ambient electrical cooling

The processes that modern electrical thermal solutions utilize for preventing electrical overheating are often based on natural principles of transferring heat through an eco-friendly cooling fluid. Traditionally, this process creates a cycle in which electrical waste heat is absorbed by the fluid and transferred away from electrical components. This maintains the temperature inside of an electrical enclosure at just above the ambient temperature outside of it. The process is more than effective for most conventional technological applications. However, in industries where technology operates in extremely hot and/or hazardous climates, or other considerations make ambient cooling insufficient, the ability to maintain eco-friendly, below-ambient cooling is essential.

Utilizing more efficient thermal management methods

Companies that utilize applications that require below-ambient electrical cooling have long relied on traditional cooling solutions such as air conditioners and air compressors. Such solutions are designed to generate a supply of cold air and use it to chill the temperature inside of an electrical enclosure, ensuring consistent and largely reliable below-ambient cooling. However, increasingly more companies are benefiting from customized thermal solutions that take advantage of natural heat transfer techniques and the right, eco-friendly cooling fluid. This enables more companies to benefit from more effective and energy efficient electrical cooling solutions, even for applications that have high-performance, below-ambient electrical cooling demands.

Benefiting from thermal management customization

Customizing thermal management solutions hasn’t always been an easy solution for companies to implement. With traditional electrical cooling methods, customization could be difficult, as the machinery needed to constantly generate cold air can be cumbersome and unwieldy for modern applications. In most industries, this challenge is efficiently overcome with the use of more modern electrical cooling apparatus, such as heat exchangers designed to transfer heat instead of create chilled air. The methods utilized to transfer electrical waste heat involve natural techniques such as natural/forced convection, conduction, and/or phase-change cooling. In addition to being more energy efficient and reliable, natural heat transfer methods are also easier to customize to suit most ambient and below-ambient electrical cooling needs.

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