How Custom Thermal Solutions Reach Below-Ambient Cooling

The use of customized thermal solutions has been of great benefit to modern companies in most industries. From lowering the overall costs of thermal management to making modern technologies even more efficient and productive, custom thermal solutions have transformed electrical cooling in several important ways. For many companies, some of the most important advancements have come in the form of faster, more efficient, and more reliable below-ambient cooling. Using innovative heat transfer processes instead of more traditional methods based on air conditioning or air compression, custom thermal solutions can give companies the capability to provide below-ambient cooling for the applications that demand it, at much lower cost than they may expect.

The importance of below-ambient cooling

In many applications, custom thermal solutions streamline thermal management by transferring electrical waste heat in a continuous loop. This prevents heat from accumulating inside of an electrical enclosure, and in the process, keeps the temperature inside of the enclosure at just above the ambient temperature outside of it. This is known as ambient cooling, and while it’s more than adequate for many common applications, companies often utilize technologies that require below-ambient cooling to operate efficiently. Using similar heat transfer methods, specialized cooling unit designs, and properly cooled, eco-friendly fluid, many custom solutions can provide below-ambient cooling with equal efficiency.

More efficient processes for below-ambient cooling

In both ambient and below-ambient cooling applications, the use of custom thermal solutions allows companies to benefit in a variety of ways from more energy and cost-effective thermal management. The advantages are due largely to the more natural processes that these solutions utilize to prevent electrical overheating. For instance, the use of an eco-friendly cooling fluid to transfer heat instead of more mechanical processes, such as air conditioning, helps companies handle large amounts of waste heat with minimal equipment. This helps create thermal management processes that don’t require constant attention or maintenance from employees, helping companies boost their overall efficiency and productivity, as well.

The advantages of using custom thermal solutions

The reduced need to maintain and repair electrical cooling equipment is just one advantage to utilizing custom thermal solutions for below-ambient electrical cooling. However, companies also benefit in several other important ways, as well. For instance, natural heat transfer methods require significantly less energy to implement and maintain, making custom, below-ambient cooling units more affordable to utilize. This also helps companies substantially reduce their environmental footprints, which is becoming increasingly more important in most modern industries.

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