Advanced Uses for Customized Thermal Management

Custom thermal management solutions haven’t always been an easily attainable for solutions for companies to employ. In more traditional electrical cooling settings, common thermal management apparatus (such as air conditioners and air compressors) didn’t allow for cost-effective or efficient customization. In their conventional forms, these solutions also proved costly to maintain and operate on an increasingly more consistent basis as industries have demanded. Today, however, the customization of advanced heat transfer processes has led to several significant benefits in multiple areas of thermal management.

The enhancement of electrical cooling

The cooling of electrical control panels and other enclosures was one of the first areas of the thermal management in which more advanced heat transfer solutions gained traction. The need for efficient and cost-effective electrical cooling solutions is common to most industries, and the advent of cooling solutions that don’t rely on continuously generated chilled air helped transform the way companies approached this need. Rather than utilizing chilled air, more advanced electrical cooling solutions rely on the consistent transfer of electrical waste heat. Customizing this process enables companies in every industry to significantly enhance the efficiency of cooling electrical enclosures.

The streamlining of wastewater treatment

Electrical cooling is a common need throughout every industry and applies to virtually every form of technology. However, the ability to streamline and customize thermal management processes has had implications that span far more processes in most industries. For example, as the push for more eco-friendly operations has continued to drive innovation in every industry, more companies have begun to implement in-house processes such as wastewater treatment to reduce their environmental footprints. In this process, the sustained application of heat is essential to facilitating the water’s treatment, and this may add a significant amount to a company’s overall energy expenditure. However, by customizing thermal solutions to repurpose electrical waste heat to be utilized for wastewater treatment, companies can more tightly control any additional expenditures related to their eco-friendly investment.

The transformation of production processes

Wastewater treatment and other environmentally friendly processes play an increasingly larger role in most industries. Yet, for some companies, thermal management consists of more than cooling electrical enclosures or streamlining eco-friendly endeavors. It’s also at the core of the production process for several different industries, from plastic mold cooling to food and beverage production, and much more. The ability to customize eco-friendly thermal management solutions has helped companies significantly enhance the quality and efficiency of these processes, benefiting significantly from more impactful thermal management customization.

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