A Reliable Method For Transferring Waste Heat

Equipment, cables and piping as found inside of a modern industrial power plant.

When you operate your own business, discovering areas that can greatly reduce costs is always on your mind. When it comes to managing the waste heat of your equipment, learning about the laws of thermodynamics can help you reduce your dependence on energy-intensive air conditioning technologies. Maintaining your temperatures in the proper range keeps your production running, and pursuing more efficient ways for achieving this task provides a multitude of benefits. You can quickly recover your installation costs of a new system by immediately enjoying a reduction in your energy bill. To take advantage of the phase change between liquid and gas, consider installing a set of heat pipes. This equipment creates a loop, transferring waste heat into a liquid that turns to gas to travel to a safer location. As the gas cools, it returns to the source and continues helping cool your application.

At Noren Thermal Solutions, we create products that help you move heat effectively. For more than half a century, we have been helping companies like yours understand their thermal transfer needs and implement solutions that achieve desirable outcomes. That’s why we offer consultative services in addition to our product line to help you plan the best system possible to transfer your waste heat.

Understanding How To Move Temperature Without Air Conditioning

When implementing a system of heat pipes, we create a closed-loop system that moves temperatures back and forth through a system of tubes. Without the need for a coolant, we simply place a pipe next to your equipment generating waste heat. Inside the pipe is a liquid that absorbs temperatures to help cool your application. As the temperature rises, the liquid turns to gas, efficiently transferring the heat away from your sensitive machinery. Eventually, the gas cools, returning to liquid, and travels back to begin the process once again.

An Ecologically Friendly Approach To Managing Your Thermal Waste

Because our products can reduce your energy expenditures, your company can create less carbon emissions when operating your equipment. While many think that green technology would necessarily increase the cost of doing business, a passive cooling method benefits both the earth and your bottom line! Similarly, because we can place water inside a heat pipe, you do not need to worry about toxic chemicals or pollutants found in other air conditioning systems posing a potential danger to your water supply.

Talk To Us About Designing A Custom Heat Pipe Assembly To Manage Your Waste Heat

If managing heat is not your area of main focus, reaching out to a qualified consultant team can help you implement a reliable system. To learn more information or discuss your current needs, give us a call at Noren Thermal Solutions at (512) 595-5700.