Safely Storing Waste Heat With Heat Sinks

Metallic heatsink close up: hardware and computer electronicsIf you own your own company that relies upon sophisticated electronics, you know they can overheat. But with the proper planning, you can anticipate the need for cooling and store it in a safer location. By placing custom copper heat sinks next to your equipment, we can help absorb the waste heat that comes from your servers. These machines form the cornerstone of your daily operations, and protecting them from lagging or worse, catching fire is a top priority. When you store electronics in enclosures to prevent interference from nesting animals or water damage, you lose the ability for heat to dissipate throughout the server room naturally. This is where a passive heat exchanger such as our heat sink can shine. When you protect your electronic equipment, you are also creating a safer work environment, less likely to experience a hazardous meltdown.

At Noren Thermal Solutions, we understand how important protecting your electronics from waste heat is to stay competitive. When your servers are not as efficient as possible, you lose vital capacity and produce at a slower clip. Heating accidents can cause permanent damage that throws a wrench in your entire operation. With today’s supply chain issues, waiting for replacement parts could take weeks, months, or more. That is why planning is so critical to keeping your chipsets working correctly.

Increasing Your Cooling Capacity Without Raising Energy Requirements

When you rely upon a more traditional air conditioning system to cool your equipment, scaling your chipsets means scaling your energy costs. This can become exorbitant as computers become more and more sophisticated. But by exploring your options for passive heat exchange with Noren, you can grow your server rooms without higher variable energy expenditures.

Looking at your personal computer as an example, you may already know how a heat sink operates. These are the groupings of manifolds attached directly to a computer chip that absorb heat from the air surrounding. By placing many fins directly next to one another, we increase the amount of surface area available to absorb and transfer heat.

Choosing Copper For Your Industrial-Grade Heat Sink

At Noren, we never skimp on the quality of materials used to construct our thermal management products. This means choosing copper over the aluminum provided by our competitors when creating a heat sink. Copper offers a higher degree of conductivity allowing you to absorb more extreme surface areas with the same amount of surface area. Consider pairing heat sinks with our cold plates to increase your ability to transfer waste energy.

Protect Your Electronics With A Heat Sink From Noren Thermal Solutions

If you are planning on upgrading your server capacity, ask us about how we can protect your chipsets with our copper heat sinks. To find out more about our passive heat exchangers, call a team member from Noren Thermal Solutions at (512) 595-5700.