Designing Custom Heat Sinks For Industrial Applications

heat sinkWhen you operate your own business, you understand how important protecting your capital infrastructure is to your ongoing operation. If your company relies upon sophisticated data servers to conduct business, they can generate a significant amount of heat as you continue to stack circuit boards next to one another inside your electrical cabinets. Because environmental factors like water exposure and animal infestation can destroy your wiring and chipsets, these enclosures must seal away your equipment. But by closing off the cabinet doors, you prevent the waste temperatures produced by your electronics from drifting away. To prevent an overheating situation from creating as much damage as the hazards you put your enclosure in place for, you must now transfer your waste energy with a thermal management system. By selecting a custom heat sink set from Noren, we can tackle any configuration of electronic equipment you put together to protect it from the risk of overheating.

At Noren Thermal Solutions, we focus on safely transferring energy so you can get back to doing what it is you do best. As company after company continues to rely upon sensitive electronic equipment for a nearly infinite amount of applications, protecting it from overheating is crucial to prevent delays to your business, and hazardous conditions for the people who work nearby. When you understand the attractive benefits of a custom heat sink set, you can feel assured you are moving in the right direction.

Take Advantage Of A Passive Heat Exchanger To Serve Your Bottom Line

If your current thermal management system relies on active cooling like a traditional air conditioning system, costs can soar as you install more and more equipment. But with a passive exchanger from Noren, you require no additional electricity to cool your chipsets. This means big savings even when temperatures become exorbitant.

If you are familiar with the heat sink on a personal computer, you understand how their industrial counterparts work. We fashion each device with multiple manifolds that multiply the surface area available to absorb temperature from the surrounding air. As heat comes off your chips, it stores in the heat sink and can be transferred elsewhere if need be.

High-Quality Materials Make The Best Products

We can create your thermal management system from the highest quality materials available to ensure your temperatures stay within the appropriate range. For heat sinks, we can choose copper over aluminum to provide additional conductivity as your operation grows.

Protect Your Electronics With A Heat Sink From Noren Thermal Solutions

We look forward to becoming your thermal management partners as your business continues to build. To find out more about our passive heat exchangers, call a team member from Noren Thermal Solutions at (512) 595-5700.