Managing Waste Heat Sustainably

Managing Waste Heat Sustainably

If you own or operate a business, you understand the day-to-day decisions you make have a direct impact on the environment and community you work within. Because your employees and customers are generally located near your business, pursuing responsible environmental practices is key to contributing to their health and well-being. When you examine the areas of your business that could benefit from an environmental approach, you increase your corporate responsibility. If you assume that green technologies must necessarily be more expensive, this could not be further from the truth. By choosing technology that reduces your carbon emissions, you often enjoy great savings from reducing energy costs. In the arena of thermal management, passive heat exchangers can help you maintain temperatures in a more cost-effective than traditional air conditioning. This means you can continue to grow your business while enjoying an ecologically friendly low-emission imprint.

At Noren Thermal Solutions, we consult with businesses that understand the significance of sustainable practices when it comes to managing waste heat. While modern technologies become more and more sophisticated, progress means designing cooling systems that interact with the environment in a nonharmful manner. You can reduce your reliance on electricity for cooling while building up your waste heat emitting processes. Enjoy the knowledge that you are doing your best when enjoying environmental sustainability and benefitting your bottom line.

Selecting An Air-To-Air Heat Exchanger That Satisfies Your Cooling Requirements

In the twenty-first century, nearly every business relies upon a network of sophisticated electronics to process their day-to-day activities. As your servers grow, so often do their waste heat output. Particularly, when you place an electrical enclosure to protect computer equipment from environmental hazards that risk causing a disruption. By closing off your servers, they trap heat that must be transferred elsewhere. We can help design a heat exchanger that passively transfers heat away from your enclosures and toward a safer location.

An Environmentally Friendly Alternative To Traditional Air Conditioning

As you are familiar with the operation of the air conditioning system in your home, you understand that it takes a significant amount of energy to work as outdoor temperatures increase. Summer energy bills are no joke depending on where you live! Business applications are no different, and when they produce significant waste heat, traditional air conditioning costs can skyrocket. That is why we provide alternative cooling with technologies such as our air-to-air heat pipe system. This product installs pipes near your application that absorb temperatures in the air through liquid placed in the pipe. As the liquid evaporates, it travels away from your application and to a safer area. When the gas cools, it turns back to liquid and restarts the process once again.

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