Cost Effective Thermal Management With Passive Exchange

Working together on project. Two young business colleagues working on computerBy taking advantage of phase change technology, you can enjoy cost savings when designing a thermal management system. The laws of thermodynamics dictate that waste heat can transfer between liquid and gaseous states to travel safely away from your sensitive equipment. This means that designing a set of heat pipes can replace an energy-intensive traditional air-conditioning system with a closed-loop system. Maintain your temperatures in their proper ranges without drawing down on significant electrical power. For added benefit, we ensure that the materials used in our systems are ecologically friendly, containing no toxic chemicals to threaten your water table.

At Noren Thermal Solutions, we understand that managing waste heat may not be your area of expertise. That’s why we have made it ours, helping companies like yours for more than half a century protect their industrial equipment by shifting temperatures to safer locations. By consulting with our team, you can learn how we can create a more cost-friendly solution that protects your equipment. Planning helps ensure that you do not incur dangerous, expensive overheating situations that can become a threat to the safety of your workforce and create significant lags for your operation.

We Design Heat Pipes That Transfer Waste Energy Away From Sensitive Equipment

A heat pipe system relies upon a technology called two-phase cooling. This phase-change method offers transformative results without requiring the need for outside energy. Where other air conditioning methods scale their energy requirements with the amount of cooling provided, we can design a system as small or large as to fit your needs without variable energy requirements. This technology converts liquid to gas when it absorbs excess heat waste to allow it to travel away through a pipe. When the gas begins to cool, the liquid travels back to its original location, beginning the process all over again.

Making Your Safety A Top Priority With Ambient Cooling Units

If you rely on electrical enclosures to protect your circuitry, wiring, or other electronics, you must close them to keep out wildlife and water damage. While closing the cabinet prevents outside threats from damaging your equipment, the heat it generates cannot dissipate freely. We can design ambient drop-in or flush-mount cooling units to attach to almost any configuration of electrical enclosures. These systems have NSF certifications showing compliance with local and national water safety regulations.

Talk To Our Team About Putting Phase Change Technology To Good Use

Are you looking to protect your electrical equipment without driving up energy requirements? Our heat pipe and ambient cooling systems could help you manage temperatures with big savings compared to traditional air-conditioning. Give us a call at Noren Thermal Solutions by dialing (512)595-5700 and speak to a team member about scheduling a consult