Reducing Energy Bills With Passive Heat Exchangers

Design professionals standing in an officeWhen you understand the laws of thermodynamics, you can implement a thermal management system that transfers your waste heat without wildly increasing your energy costs. By switching from a traditional active air conditioning system to one that relies on passive heat exchange, you can keep temperatures in the same ranges without variable increases in electrical requirements. Our heat pipes create a closed-loop system that can absorb heat from your applications and transfer it to another location using the change between liquid and gas. As the water near your equipment heats up, it turns into a gas that eventually cools and returns to begin the process again.

At Noren Thermal Solutions, we take pride in educating our clients on how to operate more efficiently using easy-to-understand scientific principles. That’s why we have been in business for over half a century, helping companies like yours understand their thermal management requirements to execute a system that keeps you running. When problems with overheating happen unexpectedly, they can create a real lag in your operation or require expensive repairs. By learning about how our product line can lower your temperatures without greatly increasing energy costs, you can enjoy real savings.

Our Heat Pipe Systems Protect Your Applications From The Danger Of Overheating

Two-phase cooling is a type of phase-change technology that provides powerful results without exorbitant costs. This easy-to-grasp concept relies upon the change from a liquid like water into a gas traveling to a different part of a pipe. When placed next to your equipment that produces excess heat, the temperature travels into the liquid where it begins to boil. After traveling to the other end of the pipe, your gas cools back to liquid and trickles to the beginning point.

This efficient method of thermal management allows you to cool your applications with ease. If you would like a consultation to learn more about implementing heat pipes, please call a member of our team today!

Installing Ambient Cooling Units To Maintain Safety

We also design heat exchangers specially formatted to work with your electrical enclosures. Because your cabinets are at risk for damage by water or rodents, closing them is imperative for their protection. But by closing your cabinets, heat no longer escapes naturally from your wiring. That is why we create both drop-in and flush-mount units to attach to any sort of enclosure. Each product has received NSF certification to ensure they comply with local and national water safety regulations.

Speak With Our Team To Put Together A Heat Management System That Works For You

Give us a call at Noren Thermal Solutions by dialing (512)595-5700. We would love to hear about your thermal management needs and implement a plan to protect your equipment.