Harnessing Phase-Change Technology

Steam Noren Taylor TXHave you ever taken the time to watch boiling water? Even on your stovetop, it is a hotbed of activity! As the water accepts thermal energy from the burner or flame, the molecules within start to move more quickly. When it reaches a certain point, these molecules move so quickly that they can no longer stay in a liquid state. They then change into a gaseous form of steam, flowing away from the pot.

At Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX, we understand how to take advantage of the phase change from water to gas. Heat pipe technology utilizes this concept to help you protect your vital equipment. This concept was first discovered at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, and it is one of the most efficient forms of heat transfer. Our air-to-water systems employ phase-change technology to give you more control over your thermal energy, available in a flush mount design. We have over fifty years of experience in helping businesses just like yours, so rely on our experience in the field!

How Changing Phases Can Protect Your Valuable Equipment

When you place a water source next to a hot object, the liquid will begin to take some of that thermal energy. While you may think of that as being heated water, there is more at play in this situation. You also have a cooler object, as the energy moves away from this location.

This premise is one of the key elements of phase-change technology, which is used in thermal energy applications. You can gain a higher level of efficiency if you opt for this method over your old or outdated system. Using this form of technology can bring you a greater level of business stability, as you can depend on the natural laws of thermodynamics.

Our Air-To-Water Units Utilize Phase-Change Technology

Here at Noren, we harness the power of changing phases in our air-to-water systems. These products are flush mount heat exchangers, and they can be a helpful part of keeping you operational. Run longer and with more consistency with an air-to-water system from our team.

Our line of air-to-water exchangers are also all NSF 61 and NSF 372 certified, allowing you also to be sure that you are following all the necessary safety precautions for the water you use. These delineations demonstrate that your systems do not leech harmful chemicals (such as lead) into the groundwater on your worksite. We are proud to be a part of keeping the environment as clean as we can!

Keeping Your Resources Safe With Phase-Change Technology

For more information on our line of NSF-certified air-to-water heat exchangers, give us a call! Speak with a valued member of our staff at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX at (512)595-5700 and tell us about all of your thermal management needs.