Customizing Thermal Solutions for Hazardous Locations

Within many industries, the greatest challenges to streamlining electrical thermal management has been obstacles such as the costs of upgrading equipment, which are greatly offset by the cost and energy savings they enjoy afterward. The minimal cost, maximum benefit equation has made it easy for companies in most industries to enjoy more advanced, customized thermal management solutions in a wide variety of areas. However, in some industries, the challenges are much greater than that. For instance, oil and gas, as well as similar industries, consistently operate in hazardous locations. To do so, they require custom cooling solutions that are not only cost-efficient, but also highly durable and reliable under some of the most demanding conditions.

Slower advancements in thermal management

Since most advanced custom thermal solutions pay for themselves over time in the form of significant savings, most industries have already been largely transformed by the more streamlined cooling methods. In industries that work in hazardous locations, the significantly more detailed demands that thermal solutions must meet have made for slower adoption of custom thermal solutions. Today, however, most types of advanced thermal solutions can also be customized to meet the demanding conditions required to operate in hazardous locations. With a combination of innovative heat transfer methods and durable, high-quality cooling units, custom solutions can help more companies take advantage of streamlined cooling.

Why streamlined electrical cooling matters

The need for more advanced and efficient thermal management has been a significant one for most industries. This has been especially true as companies take greater advantage of technologies, utilizing it for increasingly more processes. The problem with more traditional electrical cooling methods is that they could not produce the electrical cooling results required in a conservative and affordable manner. Cooling equipment such as air conditioners and air compressors require large amounts of energy, and typically, large amounts of space to operate in. In addition, the equipment consists of many different complicated external moving parts that can often wear down or become damaged, needing frequent repairs and maintenance.

Overcoming thermal challenges in hazardous locations

Custom thermal solutions first gained popularity for their ability to efficiently address the problems associated with more traditional air chilling methods. In hazardous locations, however, these challenges are made more daunting by the fact that all technological equipment, including the thermal solutions used to cool electrical enclosures, must be properly secured against a variety of hazards. Custom thermal solutions that are designed to operate in hazardous locations are designed to do so while providing optimal protection for the cooling apparatus, electrical enclosures, and the employees who work near them.

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