Customizing Cold Plates for Maximum Cooling Efficiency

One of the most notable differences in modern electrical cooling compared to more traditional methods is the range of choices that companies now have in their electrical cooling solutions. With the advent of more streamlined heat transfer solutions, such as heat exchangers, the process of keeping electrical enclosures cool has become much more efficient, cost-effective, and easy to manage. In addition, the streamlined method of transferring heat allows for a wider array of specific types of cooling solutions. For example, in many of today’s more advanced applications, companies institute a variety of custom-designed cold plate units for optima efficiency.

Cold plates and advanced electrical cooling

Increasingly more advanced technologies have created a need for increasingly more advanced electrical cooling solutions. Yet, the traditional methods that used to dominate electrical thermal management, such as using air conditioners or air compressors to circulate chilled air, can be costly in more demanding applications. Cold plates are designed to streamline the electrical cooling process, starting by eliminating the need for cold air to accomplish it. Within a cold plate cooling unit, an eco-friendly cooling fluid flows through custom-machined paths between the plates, absorbing heat rapidly whenever it comes into contact with the plates.

The customizing of cold plate cooling solutions

The more efficient methods that cold plates utilize to transfer waste heat are a significant factor in why they’ve become a more popular choice for advanced electrical cooling. However, the benefits of utilizing them go beyond helping companies eliminate their reliance on more costly cooling solutions. Without a need for complex machinery to generate and circulate chilled air, cold plate heat exchangers are more efficient to customize for any given application’s specific thermal management needs. Customizing cold plates solutions can include designing the plates with custom-machined flow paths to optimize the cooling fluid’s flow rate, and utilizing a specific number of plates stacked together to ensure maximum cooling results.

Combining maximum efficiency with optimal performance

The goal of customizing any thermal management solution is to ensure that the solution offers maximum electrical cooling performance at minimal cost, and to a degree that optimizes the application’s overall performance. The combination of more natural and efficient cooling methods and custom-designed cold plate units make them an ideal solution for many of today’s more demanding industrial applications. For more information about customizing cold plates for maximum cooling efficiency, call Noren Custom Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX, at 866-936-6736.