Custom Cold Plates And Heat Sink Solutions

Heat Sink NorenFor many industrial applications, heat sinks and cold plates are efficient means of transporting thermal waste from sensitive areas. The first is often seen in technological processes. You may see these transfer sinks in home computers, where a certain area contains a fan to push away unwanted heat. A cold plate is a flat piece of metal that is kept cool through using a liquid that moves through internal tubing. This absorbs radiating heat from the area and moves it away from your vulnerable processes into somewhere safer.

At Noren Custom Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX, we have spent half a century devoted to providing custom systems to keep you and your operation running despite the obstacles ahead of you. Discover the benefits we can provide your business by efficiently protecting your investment!

Unleash Your Productivity With Copper Heat Sinks

Heat sinks are a form of thermal exchange that help to control the temperature for your vital processes. These operate by maximizing the amount of surface area in a specific location where the heat from machinery or other processes is directed. As how a radiator can warm a cold room, this is a highly effective way of routing temperature where it needs to go.

Our products use copper in lieu of traditional aluminum. This decision is because copper is two to three times thermoconductive and can therefore help your operation as efficiently as possible. Protect your vital infrastructure to ensure that you do not see any costly halts in production. In terms of your business, time truly is money!

Cold Plates

Cold plates operate through the same laws of thermodynamics, albeit in a different manner. These include a solid bar of metal that is typically made of aluminum. This plate has a tube commonly of copper that runs through this material, and a cold liquid flows through it. When this sits underneath your vital heat-producing items such as transistors and other components, it can keep your company running smoothly and effectively.

Efficient thermal transfer systems can mean the difference between operating at full steam and facing an unexpected halt in production. Take care of the systems and employees that rely on you and give your business the greatest chance to grow and succeed. A custom solution can grow with you to keep yourself ahead of scaling concerns!

Protecting Your Components For Over 50 Years

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