Dependability With Liquid Cold Plates

Cold rolling department in ferrous metallurgy factory with hardware under roof and forming rolls.It goes without saying that your thermal management capabilities depend largely on your unique needs and parameters. What’s more? Your physical location, environment, and even purpose of business all play a role in determining which thermal solution is right for you. While many companies tout the ability to provide rapid application cooling, failing to consider your needs and being able to customize solutions to them will not get you far. In today’s blog, the team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX explores the design and function behind our liquid cold plate solutions, and how they can benefit your technological applications.


High-Performance Capabilities

Before technology was highly regarded and created, many industries relied on the labor of individuals. Indeed, factories and manufacturing plants required workers to work long hours and perform strenuous tasks, most often placing their staff in potentially harmful and dangerous situations.

As technological advancement began to bloom, every competitive business rushed to capitalize off of the process. Indeed, technology made it possible to increase production, yield, and efficiency by a significant margin, and labored workers were able to enjoy the benefits of a less strenuous workday.

In competitive markets such as Food & Beverage and Pharmaceutical Packaging, high-performance capabilities and consistency made all the difference. In fact, it was a must. The problem arose, however, that machines faced a similar situation to humans who spend too much time working without a break – they would overheat. To best address this concern, the demand for high-quality thermal management solutions soared and custom products could help. To learn more about this process, reach out to our team today.

Phase Change Cooling

When taking a look at the various options for thermal management, liquid cold plates offer a few unique incentives. For instance, they utilize natural methods such as phase-change technology to help remove waste heat that is produced within an application and subsequently cool the equipment.

Phase-change technology utilizes a liquid or fluid such as water to absorb the waste heat that is produced. Once the water achieves its latent point of vaporization, the water-turned-vapor is then transported over a specific distance where it is subsequently cooled. As it drops below this point of vaporization, it transforms back into a liquid and is carried back to the heat source to repeat the process.

An Economical Solution

In addition to eco-friendly technology, liquid cold plate solutions can be custom-designed to fit your needs. What’s more? The material and technologies used to construct them make for consistent and durable solutions that require minimal to no maintenance, thus saving you significantly in terms of cost.

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