Customized Liquid Cold Plates

cold plateWhen you run a company that relies on your essential technologies working as expected, you need to have faith in its capabilities. This means that everything needs to run as it should and there are minimal errors within the systems and structures you have in place. A common problem for those in high-output industries is overheating. When a machine is overworked without safeguards in place, it can very likely shut down, causing the entire process to grind to a halt. With this in mind, it is essential to have cooling solutions that meet your precise needs and those of your equipment’s unique specifications. Custom-made liquid cold plates are a fantastic cooling technology that can help your organization continually get the job done. In today’s blog, the team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX discusses this technology and describes how it can help your business thrive.

Customization Is Key

No two businesses are alike — even in the same field, so why should you settle for your cooling technologies being one-size-fits-all? Simply put, you shouldn’t. Rather, you need custom-made products that fit your unique needs and environment. When it comes to liquid cold plates, we can craft custom flow paths to most efficiently disperse the heat of your essential technology and equipment. 

What Liquid Cold Plates Do

This helpful technology combines conduction, which is the transfer of heat from a metal plate to a cooling fluid, with phase-change technology to more efficiently disperse thermal energy. Not only does this technology help lower costs by minimizing the energy spent cooling, but it is also more eco-friendly. It lowers carbon emissions and your overall output of waste. 

The key here is phase-change cooling. This is the process of managing thermal energy by utilizing vaporization’s latent heating of liquids. It works by using cooling fluid to absorb heat until it naturally reaches its vaporization point. Next, this vapor carries heat from the conductor to a heatsink, spreading evenly and eventually dispersing. Finally, this transforms the vapor back into a liquid, and the process is continuously repeated, cooling machinery or other products as needed. Because this is a self-contained cycle, there is minimal to no output of waste, making it efficient and eco-friendly; you won’t have to rely on harmful chemicals or unnecessary steps to ensure everything remains at the right temperature.

What This Means For You

At the end of the day, this technology is sought after because it allows your organization to keep running smoothly because you won’t face overheating. Moreover, you can keep overhead costs down by minimizing the energy you have to use. After all, phase-change cooling is self-contained and cyclical.

Learn More Today

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