When To Use Thermoelectric Cooling

Control of torpedo tubes on a submarine - Selective focusBeing able to keep your industrial applications up and running for extended periods of time is essential for your field of work, and nothing is worse than having to be set back due to overheating. Indeed, overheating is the number one threat to applications across industries, requiring the assistance of a thermal management solution to address. Though there are several different technologies and methods that can be used to accomplish this feat, nothing is better suited than a customized solution. In today’s blog, the team at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX discusses when it is ideal to pursue thermoelectric cooling solutions and how they benefit your team.

What is Thermoelectric Cooling?

Over the years, manufacturers have worked with a number of technologies and methods to help provide internal cooling for applications of various degrees. Though some applications thrive with specific methods, others may not be as significantly enhanced. Additionally, one-size-fits-all heat exchangers may tout the ability to address your needs, but customization is the only way to optimize your capabilities and at-capacity functioning.

One method that our team utilizes for a host of different industrial applications includes thermoelectric cooling. This process creates a temperature difference by transferring the energy between two electrical junctions. It occurs when a voltage is applied across conductors to create a current which then flows through the junction of the two conductors.

Removing waste heat at one junction results in its subsequent cooling, and the heat is then deposited at the other junction. This process continues in a cyclical manner and allows for temperature regulation to avoid the effects of overheating. To learn more about this process and how our team can help, give us a call today.

Small Applications

Just as there are several different methods that can be pursued for application cooling, there are also some better suited for specific devices than others. One of the biggest advantages of thermoelectric cooling, however, is that it can be applied to applications of various sizes and types.

Thermoelectric cooling can provide effective thermal management for small-scale devices such as beverage coolers, dehumidifiers, Core CPUs, and other small instruments. In addition to these devices, thermoelectric coolers are often also used in laser equipment, air conditioners, and IT enclosures. Contact our team to learn more.

Large-Scale Applications

Another important benefit of thermoelectric coolers is that they can be used for large-scale applications as well. In fact, they can assist in heat removal up to several thousand watts! Applications such as railroad cars, submarines, astronomical telescopes, spectrometers, and even high-end digital cameras can benefit from Peltier Effect cooling used in thermoelectric solutions.

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