Exploring The Ways We Use Heat Pipes

old silver pipe in a heating station

By taking advantage of the change in phases between liquid and gas, you can enjoy a cost-effective manner of transferring heat away from your equipment. When it comes to maintaining the safety of your application, a proper thermal transfer is critical to staying in production. Phase change technology allows you to direct heat in gaseous form away from its source until it cools into liquid and flows back to repeat the cycle. This passive form of transfer means cutting costs on expensive air conditioners and other forms of cooling for your business. At Noren Thermal Solutions, we could inspect your current thermal management system to see if you would benefit from the use of heat pipes. With their wide variety of uses, you may be able to save big when efficiently managing your heat.

Doing business for over fifty years, Noren provides the expertise necessary to outfit your equipment to efficiently keep it cool. From complex medical devices all the way to the kitchen stove, we have you covered for managing your waste heat. By calling one of our representatives, you can discover how we can improve your processes by installing this reliable technology.

The Change From Liquid To Gas Moves Heat From Your Equipment

By relying on the phase change between liquid and gas, heat pipes move thermal energy from equipment to a colder area to help you regulate thermal stability. Without the need for additional energy, this method of cooling can be significantly more efficient than other technologies.

When operating your business, reducing your energy costs while receiving quality thermal management can be a boon to your bottom line. By talking to the experts at Noren, we can deliver an effective solution for your unique needs.

Heat Pipes Are An Environmentally Friendly Thermal Management Technology

Because they use natural processes to transfer waste heat, you do not need to rely on large amount of energy to cool your equipment. Furthermore, heat exchangers can use eco-friendly cooling fluids such as water to transfer in a continual loop. In more advanced setups, you could even repurpose your waste heat using this method. By transferring electrical waste energy to other equipment, you can reduce your energy costs by recycling waste at this level.

Custom Heat Pipe Assemblies From Noren Thermal Solutions

Protecting your equipment with a solution that maintains thermal stability is critical to staying in the game. By installing a thermal management system that takes advantage of heat pipes, you can more efficiently move waste heat away from your application. To learn more or to discuss your current system, give us a call at Noren Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX at (512)595-5700. With a sustainable, cost-friendly system from Noren, you can rest assured we have you covered!