Thermal Transfer With Phase Change Tech

Water Vapor Concept

When you need to regulate high temperatures within your equipment, using the laws of thermodynamics can help you move heat more efficiently. By understanding the change between liquid and gas, you can redirect waste heat away from your machines without requiring an energy-intensive air conditioning system. If you would like to improve your bottom line while keeping your applications from overheating, consider phase-change technology to help you achieve your goals. You may be surprised at how scalable a thermal management system with this technology can be.

At Noren Thermal Solutions, we have over fifty years of practice helping businesses like yours adapt as they outgrow their older heat management systems. By speaking with a representative from our team, we can take a look at your current processes and determine which of our products best helps you transfer heat. For example, a heat pipe could transfer heat away from your equipment to maintain your desired level of temperature. By placing fluid within the pipe, your waste heat turns the liquid into gas which sends it further away from the application. When the gas cools into liquid, it travels back to the heat source and passively begins the chain of events once again. Known as an air-to-water transfer system, this solution could be the right choice when it comes to moving your waste heat.

Take Advantage Of  A Cost Effective Form Of Transferring Your Heat

When managing heat generated by your electronics and circuitry, traditional airconditioning can quickly become cost-prohibitively expensive. As your operation grows, a solution that does not incur highly variable energy requirements can help you reduce your thermal management costs. By sending your heat away through a pipe, you do not have to spend on the air conditioning necessary to cool the surrounding air.

Air-To-Water Systems Can Benefit The Environment

Because solutions that take advantage of phase-change technology reduce your energy costs, they are very environmentally friendly. While you may think green solutions increase the cost of doing business, practices that increase your energy efficiency reduce your costs while helping the planet.

Reducing Your Production Downtime

When your heat management solution operates passively, your operation is not as beholden to the energy that you draw. This means that you do not have to worry about a faulty air conditioner putting a stop to your production as you wait for it to be repaired. By reducing your running times, you increase your productivity while saving on the actual cost of your heat management.

Speak With Noren Thermal Solutions To Provide Valuable Heat Management

To learn more about the benefits of phase-change solutions, please call a member of our team at Noren Thermal Solutions at 512-595-5700. By taking advantage of an air-to-water system, you can enjoy a more sustainable method of cooling your equipment.