Thermal Pin Heat Transfer For Plastics

When it comes to plastic manufacturing, injection molding is the primary process used across a wide variety of industries. While 3D printing is beginning to be adopted, the older, reliable process is invaluable for many businesses. From consumer, industrial, manufacturing, and automotive industries to name a few, this effective manufacturing process relies on heat transfer processes to provide a quality product. Because your temperature affects the end product, properly managing them is key to creating your finished parts. By failing to meet your thermal management needs, you could inefficiently drive up costs by having to reproduce your design until you get it right. By consulting with a team of heat transfer experts, you can trust the end product you deliver to your clients.

At Noren Thermal Solutions, we have over 50 years helping companies like yours redirect heat across many different industrial applications. By working with plastics manufacturers in the past, we have the know-how to increase the quality of your products by fine-tuning your heat transfer processes. When you select a custom thermal pin system from Noren, you can receive consistently higher quality molds while increasing your cycle times.

Produce A High-Quality Plastic Product

If you are in the plastics manufacturing business, you understand that creating a high-quality product requires precise control over your heat transfer process. Because you must keep your temperatures in a specific range, you require careful control over your thermal pins. When your plastic spreads evenly throughout its mold, you receive the consistency you count on. By making sure that your pins are up to date, you can rest assured that you are delivering the product your customers expect.

Customizing Your Thermal Pins Based On Your Specifications

We can help you increase the efficiency of your injection molding process with a custom-designed set of thermal pins and recharge cores. Your thermal pins are high-temperature heat pipes that are used in a variety of molding equipment. By helping you remove heat extremely quickly, our thermal pin heat conductors can help you increase your yields by reducing your cycle times. Their custom design also helps reduce costs by distributing energy more evenly from your mold.

Speak With Noren Thermal Solutions To Discuss Your Injection Molding Production Needs

To learn more about how we can help you transfer heat in plastics production, call a representative from Noren Thermal Solutions at (512) 595-5700 to talk about your specific processes.  By working with our team, we can help identify areas of your production where we can reduce costs and increase your output. When your thermal pins are up-to-date, you can increase your yields. Do not let an old system cause delays when you are on the clock. With a custom solution from Noren, you can provide a high-quality plastic product!