Using Passive Heat Exchange To Cool Electronics

Copper heat pipe with dissipating fins on computer motherboard

As advances in electronics and computer circuitry rapidly increase productivity, businesses must consistently upgrade their equipment. Your regular investment in your machinery helps you keep up with the competition, but it can come with additional concerns. A more powerful chipset can generate a significant amount of waste heat, and you must properly dispose of it to keep your new equipment safe. While traditional air conditioning methods could skyrocket your energy costs to keep up with your cooling needs, relying on passive heat exchange can achieve your goals without greatly affecting energy expenditures. We could help design a custom copper heat sink to conduct heat away from your electronics and prevent the risk of your equipment overheating.

At Noren Thermal Solutions, we have been helping companies like yours control their temperatures for over 55 years. This means we have the expertise necessary to evaluate your new designs and complement them with a waste heat transfer solution that keeps your machinery operating effectively and efficiently. We could consult on your current management setup or help you design one completely new. By exploring the advantages of passive heat exchange, you can adjust to the increasing demands placed upon your equipment without allowing your cooling costs to become prohibitive.

Take Advantage Of Passive Heat Exchange With A Copper Heat Sink From Noren

A heat sink is a device that can transfer temperatures away from important electronic equipment and allow it to dissipate to a safer location. When your chipsets are in danger of overheating, this machinery can keep their temperatures in range to continue operating without lagging which slows down your processes. The sinks compose a stack of copper fins that increase the amount of surface area available to absorb heat from the surrounding air and off of your sensitive circuits.

Because your applications may be unique, our team can design a cooling solution shaped and scaled to meet your exacting needs. By speaking with a member of our team, you can find out how easily we adapt our product line to your equipment.

Using Higher-Quality Materials To Cool Your Electronics

The heat sink landscape is full of different products that use a variety of materials to cool your chipsets. You may see cheaper alternatives composed of aluminum, but at Noren, we rely upon high-quality copper that conducts heat loads that aluminum cannot handle. This material also offers antimicrobial resistance and fights corrosion in a manner that lesser materials cannot offer.

Your Circuitry Is Safe With A Copper Heat Sink From Noren Thermal Solutions

By planning, we can help you keep your electronics from overheating and prevent the need for costly repairs. To learn more about how we design custom products for your application, call a team member from Noren Thermal Solutions at (512) 595-5700.