Copper Heat Sinks Handle Demanding Workloads

Close up view of copper heat sink or radiator on computer motherboard

Dissipating the heat waste of your electronic or mechanical devices is key to operating effectively. Failure to maintain the temperatures of your equipment in the appropriate range can lead to overheating, lagging, and subsequent damage. To prevent this from happening, planning a robust thermal management system will help you stay in business. By selecting a heat sink made from copper, you can enjoy the benefit of a product with far more thermal conductivity than alternative materials such as aluminum.

At Noren Thermal Solutions, we offer complete customization in the design and manufacture of your heat sinks. Doing business for over 55 years, we know that the needs of each client are unique. This is why we consult closely with your team to create a solution that anticipates your needs to gain the performance you deserve. We can examine your current thermal management system and offer effective ideas for improvement or help you create one completely from the bottom up! By learning how our products set us aside from our competitors, you’ll be happy to choose Noren.

Heat Sinks Take Advantage Of Passive Heat Exchange To Cool Your Equipment

When it comes to cooling electronics, circuitry, and other energy-intensive applications, heat sinks allow you to transfer your waste heat and continue operating at a high level. While thermal management may not be the primary focus of your business, it is ours. By partnering with our team, we offer our expertise to best protect your circuitry and prevent costly delays in operation.

Perhaps you have seen a heat sink on the chipset of your personal computer. These devices operate by stacking many fins in a dense space to maximize the surface area for passively transferring heat from the air surrounding your equipment. We can customize the height and thickness of your fins to offer the conductivity that you require.

Stay In The Game With Forced Air Cooling

When exploring different materials to create your heat sink solution, you may see competitors offering cheaper aluminum-based products. While this material can help you cut costs, it does so with a loss of thermal conductivity. When your applications serve an industrial purpose, copper provides corrosion and antimicrobial resistance that aluminum cannot offer.

By lowering your temperatures, our products allow your chipsets to work faster while increasing their expected lifespan. This both increases your functionality while lengthening the time between replacing expensive electronic equipment.

Protecting Your Equipment With Copper Heat Sinks From Noren Thermal Solutions

To protect your hardware, explore a product line that helps you best regulate your temperatures. To find out more, call a team member from Noren Thermal Solutions at (512) 595-5700. We can help you plan the expansion of your current facility or prepare for your latest project!