The Advantages Of Copper Heat Sinks

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The circuitry your equipment relies upon are constantly transferring information and generating waste heat. If this temperature is not properly managed, it can cause your entire operation to go haywire. To prevent overheating your circuit boards, it is critical that you plan a thermal management system that operates with a high degree of efficiency. Fortunately, copper heat sinks offer a greater degree of control over cooling your equipment than less effective aluminum-based products. To prevent costly repairs to your circuit boards, we advise selecting copper when designing your approach to cooling.

At Noren Thermal Solutions, we provide a line of copper heat sinks to help you keep your equipment running under a variety of conditions. When you choose high-quality materials for your heat management system, you can be confident that your boards will not easily overheat. While cheaper solutions may seem tempting, they can quickly lead to fried computer parts. This means that investing in a quality copper product is investing in success! Speak with a team member from Noren so that we can analyze your particular set of needs and help implement a cooling design for your business.

Understanding The Benefits Of Heat Sinks

How do heat sinks help you keep your circuitry running smoothly? For many business owners, thermal management is not their key area of expertise. You have a greater job to focus on, so by relying on our expertise, we can implement a cooling solution that best protects your circuit boards. Copper heat sinks provide a tool for this purpose.

Your heat sink provides passive heat exchange by absorbing temperatures and moving them away from your electronic equipment. Comprised of boxes that contain many folds, their large surface area creates the ability to absorb temperature efficiently. Take advantage of this device by speaking with a team member from Noren to learn how we can increase the efficiency of your thermal management system. We can evaluate your current setup to highlight areas of improvement today!

How Copper Heat Sinks Stack Up Against The Competition

When surveying the market, you may see competitors offering heat sinks composed of cheaper aluminum materials. This cost-cutting material leaves much to be desired as copper is significantly more conductive. This means your copper heat sink can transfer much more temperature with the same sized unit when compared to aluminum. Choosing a heat sink from Noren means selecting quality.

Protecting Your Equipment With Copper Heat Sinks From Noren Thermal Solutions

If you are looking to expand your electronic equipment at your business, we can help provide solutions for keeping waste heat under control. To learn more, call a representative from Noren Thermal Solutions at (512)595-5700. We look forward to speaking with you and determining where we can best help your operation!