Custom Thermal Solutions for More Rugged Applications

The significant advantages and advanced capabilities of modern custom thermal solutions have made them a go-to solution for companies in most industries today. Technology has driven innovation in industry for several decades, and much of that advancement relies on foundational capabilities, such as high-performance electrical cooling. However, in some industries, adequate customization means more than just creating more efficient cooling methods. For instance, technologies that are deployed in military exercises and field work also need to be able to handle the rugged, often severe conditions. With more rugged custom thermal solutions, military and other rugged industrial applications can perform with the same level of efficiency that custom thermal solutions have become popular for.

What ruggedized thermal management means

For most common applications, custom electrical cooling solutions have to provide some level of protection for the cooling unit and the enclosure that it’s attached to. Appropriate ingress protection will prevent contaminants, dust, and other harmful particles in the air from entering the enclosures and damaging sensitive electrical equipment. However, in most common applications, those risks are minimal, and creating high-performance cooling solutions doesn’t require as high a level of durability as they do in more rugged applications. For example, ruggedized technology is meant to be out in the field for weeks or months at a time, constantly exposed to different environments, altitudes, and temperatures. The risks are many, and often substantial, so custom thermal solutions must be appropriately ruggedized to protect against them all.

How to customize rugged thermal solutions

When companies in most other industries began implementing custom thermal solutions, some of the more important advantages they experience concern their overall efficiency and productivity. The methods many custom thermal solutions utilize include processes such as natural/forced convection, conduction, and/or phase-change cooling. These are all natural methods of transferring heat from one area to another, and in many applications, it allows custom thermal solutions to prevent electrical overheating in some of the most demanding applications. These same processes are also more than adequate for the specific electrical cooling needs and parameters of more rugged technologies. However, customized rugged solutions are housed in highly durable, toughened units, with high-grade seals and gaskets that can withstand some of the most extreme conditions.

The importance of customizing rugged thermal solutions

In a typical industrial setting, custom thermal solutions can boost a company’s ability to reduce costs related to electrical thermal management, such as overall energy usage and the expense of keeping up with maintenance. However, in most rugged applications, energy conservation and reliability are more than just business techniques. Ruggedized custom thermal solutions are meant for applications in which users depend on the quality and durability of their equipment to a significant degree. For more information about custom thermal solutions for more rugged applications, call Noren Custom Thermal Solutions in Taylor, TX, at 866-936-6736.